About Fin

Fin exists to help people do their best work. Using Fin's insights, companies around the world are measuring and improving the way they work in ways never before possible.

By applying a big data approach to knowledge work, Fin helps companies improve workflow definition, provide better training to team members, and understand the technological and behavior variables that impact team performance, productivity and happiness.

Fin was founded by Sam Lessin (former VP Product Facebook) and Andrew Kortina (founder Venmo), and is backed by top-tier VCs like Coatue, First Round Capital, Accel, and Kleiner Perkins. Following strong customer growth in 2020, in 2021 we're accelerating investment in product development, marketing, sales, and all other areas of the business.

At Fin we live our product values, fostering a culture of continuous personal and team improvement. We're looking for candidates that are ready to do the best work of their career while actively contributing to an environment where their colleagues can achieve the same. That means an emotionally safe environment where expectations are clear and measurable, where we are vigilant about protecting your creativity against 'the way things have always been done', and where we embrace modern, asynchronous, management techniques.

Fin's Product Engineer (Software Engineering) Role

At Fin, we differentiate between Solutions Engineers –  who work in the field on customer integrations – and Product Engineers – who are building our scalable, multi-tenant software platform that processes millions of events per minute.

Following rapid growth in 2020, Fin is investing heavily in Product Engineering. In 2021 we'll accelerate product development while building a world-class software engineering organization. We're seeking Engineers to focus on areas such as ML-based task segmentation, improved APIs and SDKs, data platform scalability, data pipeline automation, Chrome extension development, front-end web application development, and advanced data visualization.

Today we have a small Engineering team, across a significant product surface area; as we grow, this presents an opportunity for you to specialize in the technical area you love the most, or to explore technical or people leadership opportunities. We've assembled a team of experienced leaders and we're excited to collaborate with you on your career aspirations.

The Ideal Fit

  • Our tech stack looks like: python/flask | React+flow | Chrome extension | AWS Aurora | AWS Redshift | Terraform | Kubernetes | AWS Cognito | others... We're not asking that you're an expert in everything, but the more experience you have with these technologies, the more quickly you'll become productive.
  • You take pride in the quality of your work, and in particular, you see the beauty in crafting reliable services that operate trouble-free at scale.
  • Today we have a small team with varied experience, and we want to continue to hire with diversity as a foremost concern. We're looking for candidates that can make the whole team better; that means helping to define best practices based on your personal experience; it means teaching others with patience and empathy; it often means having strong opinions, weakly held.
  • Our customers are growing in size and diversity, and so we're looking for Product Engineer candidates across the spectrum of seniority. We'll work with you on a job description that's ideal for your level of experience – from entry level Software Engineering through to Software Architecture.

Nice to Haves

Fin has unique Engineering problems that relate to our product offering. In particular, despite our small size, we have a number of enterprise-grade security certifications. A major component of our product offering is the way that we process complex (and huge) data streams and let customers slice and dice the results. As such, we'd love to talk to Engineers with information security or data science and visualization specializations.

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