Better Place Forests is completely redesigning the end-of-life experience, bringing fresh thinking and a much-needed focus on customer experience to the stale, fragmented and unfriendly end-of-life industry. As part of this effort, we’re building America’s first conservation spreading forests for families and individuals who choose cremation, offering a sustainable alternative to costly traditional burial while tackling a market opportunity >$600B in the U.S. alone.

80% of the 75M baby boomers in the U.S. are choosing cremation but do not have a beautiful, private and permanently-protected place to return their ashes to the earth. Instead of graves and tombstones, Better Place Forests incorporates ashes into the base of beautiful trees in the most iconic locations in North America. Every customer who chooses a tree helps to protect and preserve that forest forever. Through our Impact Tree program, we also plant additional trees to help with reforestation efforts.

With thousands of customers and rapid growth, Better Place Forests is creating a movement that is removing the stigma around end-of-life planning. We’re backed by the investors behind Tesla, Peloton, SpaceX and Blue Bottle and we’ve received national coverage in publications such as The New York TimesFast Company and Business Insider.To learn more about Better Place Forests, visit www.betterplaceforests.com.

“In a time when conservation is becoming increasingly urgent, it’s rather poetic to protect a tree with your remains, secure in the knowledge that more are being planted in your honor.” - Fast Company

“Tree burial is good for the environment, the location is more beautiful than a traditional graveyard — and it’s cheaper as well.” - The New York Times

This role in a nutshell:

We’ve built an incredible paid acquisition engine using Facebook, Google and Instagram so far. What we’ve built, however, is just the very start of what we need.

As we scale to new regions we need to someone who deeply understands acquisition strategies and tactics so that we can continue to lower our cost of acquisition and drive qualified leads through our funnel.

In effect, we need someone who can develop a customer acquisition playbook that we can roll out on a region by region basis across the US.

Why this role matters right now:

At this point we’ve built a scalable, efficient sales and marketing process using different marketing automation tools. With the upcoming launch of several new forests we need an experienced performance marketer to take the reins and develop scalable processes for lead acquisition.

In addition, it’s time that we develop additional acquisition strategies through content marketing, content retargeting, partnerships and any other way that you think would be effective.

So we want to take this to the next level and find a numbers-minded engineer that loves the idea of building a scalable acquisition engine to go on top of an already proven economic model. You’ll be working directly with our founders, VP Growth, Director of Marketing and Engineering team to help develop a world-class sales and marketing funnel.

What success looks like:

In a month you’ll have taken full control of our paid acquisition including ad development, deployment and spend. You’ll also have taken full control of the landing pages and the A/B testing that drives our impressive numbers.

In a few months, you’ll have rolled out multiple lead flows, content retargeting, funnel optimizations and will have driven our cost per lead down by at least 25%.

You’ll be a key player in our ongoing effort to create a world-class sales and marketing organization that provides a product that make people’s lives better.

Your day to day:

  • You will work directly with VP Growth, Engineering and Design Leads
  • Be comfortable taking complete ownership of entire acquisition lifecycle ( ideation → shipping)
  • Needs/wants to be able to identify marketing pain points or automation opportunities
  • Able to coordinate, plan, and implement tools and solutions to solve above challenges.
  • Ex. We want to track automated text message conversion. A/B test messaging strategies to increase response rate.
  • Develop A/B tests across the entire sales funnel and dive into the numbers to see how your work effects the CAC and CLV.
  • Test and refine constantly in an effort to increase our acquisition effectiveness
  • Develop and execute new strategies for acquisition both paid and unpaid

About you:

  • You have a deep understanding of performance marketing, paid acquisition and the numbers behind everything.
  • You’re a very quantitative person. You understand cohorts, statistical significance, attribution and how to measure and think about the downstream effects of top of funnel changes.
  • You also are interested in the “why” of marketing automation. We take a quantitative approach to marketing and finding creative ways to systematically improve AND measure results around should excite you.

Real-life projects may include but are not limited to:

  • Testing a form that remains invisible until a certain portion of a video is viewed. Measure response rates and lead quality based on length of delay before form appears.
  • Creating and deploying new ad sets in an effort to better understand what motivates our customers to enter our sales funnel
  • You care about being the best in your field. Because of how this business works, this opportunity is a proving ground to potentially control a massive ad spend and acquisition engine.
  • You believe you have the skills and talent to deliver.

Skills and requirements:

  • Facebook Power Editor
  • Google Tag Manager + Analytics
  • Tableau, Mode, Looker, etc.
  • Marketing Automation e.g. Hubspot, Marketo, etc.
  • VWO
  • 3+ years in performance marketing
  • deep expertise in managing paid acquisition

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