About us:

At Better Place Forests, our mission is to enable every person to write a better ending to their story. This includes providing customers from across the country the ability to digitally tour our forests, purchase a final resting place, plan their memorial, and preserve their legacy.

End of life costs represent the third largest purchase a person will make in their lifetime and we are bringing modern technology to this experience. With our custom platform, customers can plan years in advance and feel peace of mind knowing that at the time of their passing, their wishes will be taken care of and their family will be fully supported.

This innovative approach includes creating beautiful conservation areas within local communities to permanently protect their forests, open spaces and wilderness habitat. It also includes creating custom digital portrait's that enable the customer to record and share their legacy. Working at Better Place Forests is an opportunity to do meaningful, impactful work.

We do this because we believe that everyone's story matters. They are how we remember the people we love when they’ve passed on. They are what give us comfort in hard times and tell us that we are part of something greater than ourselves. We are here to preserve the beauty and grace of the story of their life, including their final resting place.

This role in a nutshell:

Our engineering team is small yet ubiquitous. We are responsible for building a robust custom platform that enables customers to fully plan their final chapter. This includes an e-commerce purchase experience, planning tools, document access control plus a variety of internal tools that power our sales, forest steward, and operations teams. It takes best practices from consumer and enterprise and applies them to an industry that’s traditionally been underserved by technology.

As a member of our small team you will be responsible for end to end ownership of everything you build. This includes working directly with product managers, designers, and stakeholders.

On top of all of the technical background, this role requires someone who cares deeply about the end user experience. Each new feature you ship will deliver on our promise to provide customers the peace of mind that their story will be beautifully preserved.

Your background, skills and experience:

As a senior engineer you will come to the table with experience. Your opinions are more than quotes from a blogposts, and are backed by real world trial and error. You are excited to provide mentorship to other team members, and want to cultivate a culture of “a rising tide that lifts all ships”.

Technical stuff:

  • You're a Ruby on Rails expert.
  • You've been burned in the past, but are now a battle tested n+1 fixer upper.
  • You are strongly opinionated about “the rails way” of doing it.
  • The notion of “Convention over Configuration” is a topic you enjoy discussing at great length.
  • The acronym DHH means a lot to you.
  • You understand your audience when writing code, knowing that it will be written once, and read 20 times.
  • To you, PR's and code reviews are learning opportunities, rather than chances to show off.

Our Stack:

Ruby on Rails, Heroku, AWS (S3, Cloudflare, Redshift), Postgres, Rspec, Codeship

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