Better Place Forests

Better Place Forests is introducing America's first Memorial Conservation Forests - beautifully landscaped forests where instead of graves and tombstones in cemeteries, each family has a private family tree where they can spread the ashes of their family in a permanently protected conservation area.

We are an SF-based company that is taking on the staid, fragmented and customer-unfriendly $20B death-care and cemetery industry. If you've ever been involved in making end-of-life arrangements for a family or friend, then you unfortunately know the exact problem we're trying to solve.

In addition to a modern, natural take on family memorials, we're trying to change the entire death-care experience. Instead of high-pressure sales in stressful situations, we want to maximize transparency, consumer education, and empathy. Instead of paper contracts and arrangements that can't be found when they need to be, we're creating digital tools to help people learn about, plan and manage their end-of-life arrangements.

And it's working...

Our customers love us, our incredible team is growing quickly, and we have a clear mission about how to execute over the next five years. Now that we have clear product-market fit, it's about growing as quickly and responsibly as possible to provide our services to the entire country.

We can't wait to meet you!

Current Job Openings

Customer Success

Forest Steward
Santa Cruz


Content Manager
San Francisco
Director of Marketing
San Francisco
Growth Engineer
San Francisco



Product Designer
San Francisco
Product Engineer
San Francisco


Account Executive
San Francisco
Senior Account Executive
San Francisco