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About Better.com:

We’re one of the fastest growing homeownership companies in America. Why? Because we’re building a better way to get home and our customers love it. By combining smarter technology with an award-winning team of mortgage experts, we’re making homeownership so simple it feels magical.

So far, we’ve:

  • Helped more than 10,000 families get home
  • Financed over $3B in loans
  • Saved families an average of $32,000 in fees over the life of their loans
  • Grew our geographic coverage to 36 states, up from 15 states from a year ago

And we’re not slowing down. We continue to outpace the rest of the industry at every turn.

Our backers have helped build some of the most transformative tech and finance companies in history. Kleiner Perkins, Goldman Sachs, IA Ventures, Ally Bank, American Express, and others have invested over $150MM in Better and our vision of making homeownership magical.


A Better opportunity:


As Better’s VP of Acquisition, you will lead a team focused on growing and optimizing our direct-to-consumer customer acquisition program.  We have strong capital markets and tech advantages, and are constantly evolving our digital product and customer experiences.  To drive our goals of capturing massive market share, our acquisition team identifies the right audiences to target, the right media channels to acquire them, and manages our spend across those channels with hawkish attention to performance.  


We expect ingenuity and entrepreneurialism in identifying and creating value from our VP of Acquisitions: media dollars and time spent negotiating are your investments and funded customers are your returns.  You are data-forward and obsessive about performance, and passionate about getting things done in concert with other groups, including sales, capital markets, brand marketing, and creative.  You view media channels and campaigns as investment opportunities to be valued, and leveraged to form an optimal portfolio of customer acquisition. You get that Better.com is the best solution for the end customer and you will fight with every tool you have to win for us and them.  


You will have a successful track record of leadership, management, and executing on projects under short timelines. Together, we can shape the future of homeownership in America. It will be a fierce battle, but it will be rewarding.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Manage and grow a team of 3 (and counting) focused on optimizing marketing channels, audience targeting strategies, creative campaigns, and product experiences
  • Own budget and partner with rest of org in hitting main KPIs: cost per application and maximizing expected revenue
  • Creatively deliver performance improvements through media trading, customer targeting, and negotiations with key partners
  • Build and reinforce internal dashboards and analytics. Test hypotheses, pulling data and performing analyses to monitor and evaluate performance
  • Partner with creative team to improve upon asset requests and delivery
  • Collaborate with Lifecycle to improve conversion rates using email, sms, content, and SEO
  • Collaborate with Executive leadership, run meetings and coordinate group/business-wide efforts to maximise funded units from clicks and leads acquired
  • Maintain feedback loop with sales and ops to ensure volume goals and capacity are aligned 
  • Own media and channel strategy, along with oversight of media buying execution
  • Develop, execute and manage roadmap of paid growth for Better


About You:

You want to win. You are someone who loves finding opportunities that others miss. You can separate the signal from the noise, and approach things with a fresh perspective and open mind.  You won't stop until you find a Better way. 

  • You have experience at the cutting edge of Growth or Performance Marketing, or in managing a P&L/trading desk.  You’ve managed portfolios to maximise performance (volume/ROI) and owned a budget.
  • You have a quantitative/analytical mindset, and personal experience using data to develop consumer insights to drive both media, channel, and creative strategies
  • “High and low” perspective - ability to go from 1,000 feet as a leader to 10 feet as an executor as needed.  Experience architecting and implementing testing and optimization plans.  
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment where business needs change
  • Ability to hire, manage, and build a team
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. You enjoy making things better and cheaper.
  • Team player

Bonus points for:

  • Previous experience in start-up environments 
  • Previous finance or mortgage experience
  • Experience with leads-buying
  • Experience with constant evaluation of new and different opportunities, with a desire to apply your skills to a new marketplace


Things we value:

  • Curiosity. Why? How? Repeat.
  • Nerdiness. Financial news and trends are fascinating. Seriously.   
  • Relentlessness. No one here gives up. We try. We fail. We try again.
  • Passion. If you don’t get excited about homeownership, mortgages, and real estate, it simply won’t work.
  • Smarts: book and street. We have to use all the tools at our disposal to build Better.
  • Empathy and Compassion. You understand that people's biggest dreams are in your hands.
  • Communication. Can you ask for help or put your hand up when you don’t understand?
  • Building. Doing. Making. Yes, we have to do a lot of thinking and talking to figure this stuff out, but you can’t wait to leave the conversation and build it.

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