We’re after a narrative-obsessed, idea-led, perspective-seeking word wizard. At Bellroy, we’re relentless about making great product that helps people move through the world, and using our success to drive positive impact for people, animals and the planet equally. The business is growing, our product range is growing, and the purpose behind it all is getting stronger by the day. In other words, we have good stories to tell and we’re looking for a mid-weight copywriter (who we’re gonna call our Storyteller) to help us tell them!

As our Storyteller, you would be responsible for championing the voice of the brand, crafting campaign narratives, writing great ad headlines, ideating on ways to get our stories across our social platforms, narrating videos, as well as copywriting some emails, product descriptions and social captions. 

We have a strong brand, meaningful stories and eager audiences. Are you someone who can harness the first two, to capture and enthrall the last?


  • Have 4–5+ years of copywriting experience under your belt and know how to tailor your words to a brand, an audience and a channel.
  • Are intrigued by culture and how shifts within it shape the world – forever thinking about how communication is changing, and where the most interesting conversations are taking place.
  • Are a critical thinker and creative problem solver. You love a big picture brainstorm, but can zero in on the detail just as deftly.
  • Are a language and grammar geek who knows the rules and exactly when and how to break ‘em. 
  • Are interested in human psychology and draw on these models whenever you craft a message; always looking to understand and therefore better engage your audience.
  • Would appreciate the opportunity to interview interesting people, drawing out the nuggets that feel fascinating and entertaining for our audience, specifically.
  • Love being a voice of the brand. And maybe its face sometimes, too. 


  • Called a creative team brainstorm to workshop ideas for a new content series
  • Written out a bunch of ad headlines, then identified two contrasting concepts that you could test and measure the effect for next time
  • Recorded an interview with a Bellroy ambassador, to craft an introduction for our audience 
  • Written the week’s social captions (with conversational ease)
  • Worked on a pitch deck that sells a new product range to retailers
  • Written a press release for an upcoming campaign
  • Helped craft a job ad, just like this one, to appeal to exactly the right human
  • Reached out to our materials developer for info on our recycled materials program to inform our next Good Business Update 
  • Written up a description for a new product, and initiated a UX copy test in the process
  • Found yourself in a TikTok rabbit hole to keep up with what ‘the kids are doing’, or a deep dive into an article about how language is evolving.


This is a full-time role based in Collingwood, Melbourne. (We may consider a remote working arrangement for the right candidate.)

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