Beautiful Destinations is looking for a creative data intern with a strong background in digital photography, that will merge technology with creative. We are looking for someone to assist in labeling images so that we can strengthen our learning technologies, building algorithms that can predict the engagement of an image on social media. Internally this engagement prediction helps on a daily basis, to rank user generated content and identifies the most engaging images that should be shared with our audience. This position will report to our Associate Creative Director and Data Scientist.

Building powerful machine learning models requires detailed labelling images sets. Creating these datasets is one of the most important stepping stones on our way to teach a machine to understand beauty and engagement in images and videos. It is critical that you understand the elements of photography, and have a passion to strengthen our technology.  

You would be working on analysing and labeling our image assets with regards to the following criteria:

  • Vector drawing over images
  • General image quality
  • Source of lighting
  • Setting
  • Color
  • Perspectives
  • Composition
  • Camera angles
  • Elements of photography
  • Identifying main subjects/objects within image  


  • Be able to focus and follow deadlines: your role here is to provide this data to the tech team and this should be your priority  
  • Must understand and know the elements of photography
  • Knowledge about perspectives, camera positions and camera angles
  • Knowledge about compositional rules
  • A good photographic eye
  • A positive and hard work ethic
  • Must be able to manage up and be proactive
  • Share ideas to help smooth the process of labelling as well as share key factors that would strengthen image labelling

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