About us 

Beat is one of the most exciting companies to ever come out of the ride-hailing space. One city at a time, all across the globe we make transportation affordable, convenient, and safe for everyone. 

Today we are the fastest-growing ride-hailing service in Latin America and part of the international FreeNow Group owned by Daimler. But serving millions of rides every day pales in comparison to what lies ahead. Our plans for expansion are limitless. Our stellar engineering team operates across a number of European capitals where, right now, some of the world’s most ambitious and talented People are changing how cities will move in the future.

Beat’s footprint is rapidly expanding with current service in Greece, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. Our global headquarters are in Athens and we are building our European headquarters in Amsterdam to attract the best talent in the world. 


Team - Marketplace Matching

The Matching domain has embraced remote working, with teammates spread across Europe. The domain is split into separate engineering teams, as well as other crafts working independently.

We are a team of passionate people who want to build high-quality systems and adopt the industry's best practices.

Our first goal is to deliver products and features, but we also strive for high-grade engineering in everything we do, constantly balancing delivery with quality.

We are open to suggestions, ideas, and improvements and always take facts and data into consideration when making a technical decision. We do it with kindness, do not blame or judge others and leave our ego behind.

We all have different backgrounds, experiences, and specialisations, and we believe that cooperation and knowledge sharing are key to building a great team. This is why we encourage discussions so that we can all learn from each other. We trust each other, and we are all responsible for the systems we build. We mutually help ourselves if anyone needs support.

We take care in communicating clearly and have tailored our engineering processes to remote work.


About the role

You will be responsible for building and maintaining mission-critical distributed services, as well as migrating functionality from existing systems.

Our systems are written in a modern, testable manner that promotes reusability, reliability, flexibility, and high performance. 

The ecosystem of microservices that you will be working on ranges from dispatching, routing, and other logistics related real time decision making processes.

Our core stack includes Go, Kafka, MQTT, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana, Jaeger, hosted in AWS with an InfraAsCode approach.

Currently, our remote team are only based between UTC+0 - UTC+3, so you'll need to be located in that region too.

What you'll do day in day out:

  • Assist in the completion of the migration from a PHP monolith into Go services
  • Design, develop and operate high quality, resilient, and scalable distributed services in Go
  • Solve scalability and performance issues in an operating environment that constantly evolves and grows
  • Work in an agile cross-functional team
  • Work on observability, CI/CD, automated testing, and documentation of microservices
  • Collaborate with other international teams to implement high-level features

What you need to have:

  • 3+ years of production experience as a PHP backend engineer
  • 5+ years of production experience as a backend engineer, ideally working with distributed systems
  • Desire to work with Go
  • Solid understanding of software design principles (e.g., SOLID, Clean Code)
  • Solid problem solving, debugging & troubleshooting skills
  • Solid experience with software testing
  • Experience with high throughput synchronous and/or asynchronous systems
  • Experience with data modeling and transactional databases
  • Experience in version control systems

What's nice to have:

  • Production experience with Go
  • Experience implementing migration strategies from a monolith to services
  • Experience in Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)
  • Experience with DDD
  • A DevOps/SRE mindset (Reliability, Observability, Infra as Code, Kubernetes)
  • Experience with spatial data and queries
  • Open-source contributions

We believe that great developers can learn new technologies quickly and efficiently. So if you don’t have experience with all of them but are eager to learn, you might be a great fit.

What's in it for you:

  • Competitive full-time salary
  • Beat rides-travel in our city for free, at the tap of a button.
  • Flexible working hours, top Line tools, Spanish Lessons
  • Working in a hyper-growth environment, you will enjoy numerous learning and career development opportunities 
  • A great opportunity to grow and work with the most amazing people in the industry.
  • Being part of an environment that offers challenging goals, autonomy and mentoring, which creates incredible opportunities, both for you and the company.


As part of our dedication to the diversity of our workforce, Beat is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity without regard for race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion

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