About Us

Dark green spinach, Italian basil and arugula, deep purple carrots, fields of lavender, and more grow 24 hours a day, all year round, in our high-tech vertical farms. At Beanstalk, we are on a mission to grow the consumption of fresh produce. To do that we build robotics, software, and infrastructure to grow plants from around the world in carbon-neutral farms around the corner. At Beanstalk, your work is at the nexus of engineering, plant science, and the culinary arts. You’ll collaborate with a diverse team, eat world-class food, and engage with the local community.

About you

You like plants and think of technology as a superpower. You've built software systems and are ready to build something tangible and physical. You're interested in both creating new systems and optimizing existing ones. You are known for being inventive, curious, and staying up to date with the latest tools.

About the role

We engineer our farms to operate as advanced manufacturing lines. Your priority is to work with an interdisciplinary team to build the brains of a modern vertical farm. You will be creating user-facing applications to guide operators in the farm and cloud-based logistical systems that will control custom-built machines to seed, harvest, and process millions of pounds of produce. Software touches every part of our operation so this is a high-leverage role! Our web stack is Typescript, React, GraphQL with Postgraphile and Apollo, GCP Postgres, and Kubernetes.

What you'll do

  • Empower engineers to quickly build industrial robotics
  • Design and build next-generation farming technology alongside a team of mechanical, electrical, chemical, and systems engineers.
  • Use software to discover and solve process bottlenecks as we scale
  • Build multimodal user interfaces for employees and consumers
  • Build, document, and maintain tests, features, and infrastructure
  • Communicate and simplify complex problems in order to foster understanding across multidisciplinary teams

Some projects you could work on

  • Drive farm observability by implementing telemetry systems in partnership with our robotics team
  • Extend our internal farm operations application for automated food safety compliance
  • Build our farm logistical system to plant, grow, and harvest optimally
  • Own our networking layer for reliable inter-machine communication
  • Work with our operations team to roll out and streamline effective HMI systems

We'd love to talk if you

  • Have 5 (or more!) years of full-time experience shipping production software
  • Find long-term ownership of applications exciting
  • Have shipped React applications to production
  • Care about making software that works well for users
  • Are proficient building database-driven apps with Postgres or equivalent
  • Are experienced writing automated unit and integration tests to accelerate development
  • Love to think about systems

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