Beacon Biosignals is seeking a Senior Data Engineer to help us build out the data pipelines and systems that power our Platform to accelerate precision medicine for millions of patients with severe neurological and psychiatric disease.

As a Senior Data Engineer, you'll work directly with the CTO and our Platform team to...

  • define the architectural vision and establish patterns for distributed event-driven data processing at Beacon.
  • ...implement a reliable, scalable, and ergonomic platform for pluggable data pipelines at the core of our product ecosystem.
  • ...ensure a high-quality experience for pipeline development and downstream data consumers at Beacon.

At Beacon, we believe a diverse team builds more robust systems and achieves higher impact. We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply!


  • You have significant experience working with workflow orchestration systems and distributed message queues, and you understand modern event-driven data architectures.
  • You've built and maintained ELT/ETL pipelines powering data-centric applications.
  • You're comfortable working in a highly asynchronous hybrid environment, and have demonstrated success doing so in the past.
  • You've witnessed firsthand how fast a team can move when they're enabled by first-class CI/CD/tools, and how much friction poorly designed tools/systems can introduce into the development cycle.
  • You're familiar with and/or are excited to work with the technologies that power Beacon's data systems, including AWS, Docker, K8s, Terraform, GitHub, Julia, Argo, Apache Arrow, React, GraphQL, PostgreSQL.

Not sure if you meet 100% of our qualifications? There are numerous reports that systemically marginalized people (e.g. women) are less likely to apply for a job, but are more likely to be hired if they do apply. If you think you could thrive in this role, we encourage you to apply even if not every bullet perfectly describes you.

About You

At Beacon, we've found that cultural and scientific impact is driven most by those that lead by example. As such, we're always seeking new contributors whose work demonstrates an avid curiosity, a bias towards simplicity, an eye for composability, a self-service mindset, and - most of all - a deep empathy towards colleagues, stakeholders, users, and patients.

Do any of the following resonate? If so, please reach out!

  • You consider the inclusion of documentation and unit/integration tests to be table stakes for every contribution.
  • You demonstrate a bias towards simplicity and avoid misallocating complexity.
  • You strive for excellence with regards to asynchronous communication and developer collaboration skills. You review PRs with attention to detail and empathy, you're a fan of pair programming, you write a lot (and with care), and you read even more than you write.
  • You're keen on a data-centric development approach that avoids impedance-mismatched abstraction layers while composing well with external tools/systems. You have witnessed the damage that results from leaky abstractions.

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