Beacon Biosignals is seeking a VP of Platform to help us build a science-fueled engine that accelerates precision medicine for millions of patients with severe neurological and psychiatric diseases.

Beacon's Platform helps us (and our partners!) make sense of the vast amount of biosignal data at our disposal. Relevant applications/services include streaming DSP-as-a-service, heterogeneous tabular dataset curation/manipulation, in-browser data exploration/labeling, analytics dashboarding atop a unified data storage layer, clinical trial support pipelines, and more.

As a VP of Platform, you'll play a key role in Beacon's leadership team and work directly with engineers, clinicians, researchers, and clients in order to...

  • ...establish products, systems, and practices to optimize the automated (and often human!) feedback loops that power Beacon's company-wide data architecture.
  • ...identify critical growth areas and build out multiple cross-functional teams to address systemic business needs.
  • ...maximize the throughput of scientific discoveries at Beacon by building systems that cause impact to compound with each new model, client, and product we develop.

At Beacon, we believe a diverse team builds more robust systems and achieves higher impact. We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply!

About You

  • You've helped to grow an early-stage company and you're painfully aware of the challenges such a company navigates on a daily, quarterly, and yearly basis.
  • You've led both big successful projects and big unsuccessful projects.
  • You write a lot and read even more.
  • Information-gathering is ingrained in every aspect of your work. Your decisions incorporate feedback from stakeholders, your reports, collaborators, and historical context that you intentionally mine over time.
  • You have a keen sense for the bandwidth limitations, technical debt, and non-iterative processes that drag a project down, and you've employed effective strategies for preventing/remedying these issues in the past.
  • You craft materials and processes that act as priority lenses for the team and project, bringing high-impact goals into sharp focus and alignment.
  • Your work empowers the decision-making abilities of your reports, collaborators, and stakeholders.
  • You love seeing teams level up. You're dedicated to helping direct reports overcome challenges and seize opportunities that are crucial to self-growth.
  • You recognize the distinction between the functions of technical and organizational leadership. You strive to work in a manner that embodies both.
  • You push for transparency and objectivity when evaluating your projects, your reports, and hiring process. You recognize the symptoms of implicit bias and strive to account for them.
  • You're highly cognizant of inter-team dynamics and the effects of Conway's law on system design. You pursue team topologies that are well-shaped to address both proactive and reactive organizational goals.
  • You're comfortable working in a remote environment, and have demonstrated success doing so in the past.
  • You're interested in working at the intersection of biopharma, machine learning, neurology, and data engineering.
  • You're interested in using any or all of the following to build something cool: AWS, Docker, K8s, Terraform, GitHub, Julia, Argo, Arrow, React, GraphQL, PostgreSQL.

Not sure if you meet 100% of our qualifications? There are numerous reports that systemically marginalized people (e.g. women) are less likely to apply for a job, but are more likely to be hired if they do apply. If you think you could thrive in this role, we encourage you to apply even if not every bullet perfectly describes you.

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