Beacon Biosignals is seeking an Ops Engineer to build and maintain cloud infrastructure that supports large-scale machine learning on terabytes of biosignal data.

As an Ops Engineer, you'll work closely with Beacon's data scientists to...

  • ...fine-tune the EKS clusters that power our data scientists' hefty distributed numerical workloads.
  • ...augment data scientists' efforts to apply more robust CI/CD practices to machine learning model development.
  • ...equip our data science teams with new tools (e.g. Argo) to ergonomically orchestrate complex experimentation workflows.
  • observability infrastructure that makes it easy for users to monitor, trace, and identify bugs and resource utilization issues.

At Beacon, we believe a diverse team builds more robust systems and achieves higher impact. We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply!

About You

  • You optimize in pursuit of lower human costs - temporal and/or fiscal - not lower machine costs.
  • You have a battle-tested workflow for debugging performance issues and selecting the layer of the stack that actually merits optimization.
  • You enjoy balancing highly reactive/collaborative support work with forward-facing work.
  • You want to work in an organization that treats tool development as a company-wide practice instead of an individual role.
  • You are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of storing, streaming, and analyzing large volumes of dense artifactual data in the cloud (e.g. audio, video, sensor data, models, etc.).
  • You derive immense satisfaction from rendering opaque systems observable and from "leveling up" a team by equipping them with new tools and capabilities.
  • You have experience facilitating data scientists' compute cluster usage for distributed, coprocessor-enabled numerical workloads (training, inference, data preprocessing, etc.) in a cloud environment.
  • You prefer open-source dependencies to closed-source dependencies because you have a compulsion to read the code that you're running.
  • You're excited to work in an environment that makes heavy use of AWS, K8s, Docker, Terraform, GitHub Actions, Argo, and Julia.


Beacon Biosignals is an equal opportunity employer; we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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