Beacon Biosignals is seeking a Senior Engineering Manager to help manage the growth of the Beacon Platform. The tools/services that comprise the Beacon Platform power our core business operations and help us make sense of the vast amount of biosignal data at our disposal. Components of the Beacon Platform include streaming DSP services, artifact/dataset ingest services, authentication services, the Beacon Portal (our user-facing browser application for project management, data exploration, and high-throughput EEG labeling), as well as Beacon's unified data storage layer and its associated GraphQL API.
As a Senior Engineering Manager, you'll work directly with engineers, users, and executive stakeholders to...
- the team scope out and connect tactical week-to-week task triage with strategic quarterly goals.
- ...continuously evolve the long-term vision of core Platform tools/services that drive project-based work at Beacon.
- ...identify, refine, and communicate critical work dependencies and pain-points enroute to achieving company-wide impact.
- ...capture and deliberately manage the technical debt that naturally arises over the course of fast-paced software development.
- and enforce feature/service/tool release requirements that codify and preserve the high quality of our engineering work.
- ...develop, refactor, and maintain robust management processes to render work progress transparent and interpretable to both the team and stakeholders.
- ...make key stack/tooling/architectural decisions that underpin software development at Beacon.
- ...act as a steward of the Platform codebase, ensuring that the bar for code quality is set (and kept) high via diligent code review and meaningful CI/CD processes.
- ...champion robust security/compliance practices in every phase of the development cycle.
- ...ensure that our team's bandwidth is optimally allocated towards achieving product goals, and that we plan our hiring roadmap properly to address critical bandwidth gaps as we grow.
At Beacon, we believe a diverse team builds more robust systems and achieves higher impact. We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply!
- You overcommunicate effectively.
- You're constantly pushing towards better mechanisms for sharing/archiving critical knowledge so that it's easily discoverable/retrievable in the future.
- You seek out ways to drastically improve onboarding for new team members and stakeholders.
- You've been known to work and re-work a written communication until you are satisfied it is clear and concise.
- You work to ensure that less contributor effort yields more relative impact over time.
- Information-gathering is ingrained in every aspect of your work. Your decisions incorporate feedback from stakeholders, your reports, collaborators, and historical context that you intentionally mine from the project over time.
- You demonstrate a bias towards simplicity, avoid misallocating complexity, and try to impose structure at the right time - not too early or too late.
- You're painfully aware of the perils of both under- and over-planning. You have a solid handle on the planning horizon of any given project, as well as the corresponding inevitable estimation accuracy dropoff over time. You work to extend that horizon as the project matures.
- You craft materials and processes that act as priority lenses for the team and project, bringing high-impact goals into sharp focus and alignment.
- You love seeing teams level up. You're dedicated to helping direct reports overcome challenges and seize opportunities that are crucial to self-growth.
- Once you've made a decision, you communicate and follow through with it. You swiftly communicate any dynamic changes with collaborators and stakeholders.
- You're painfully aware that acts of heroism are symptoms of a weak process.
- Your work empowers the decision-making abilities of your reports, collaborators, and stakeholders.
- You don't have any particular need to work with a pure monolithic architecture or a pure microservices architecture. For you, characterizing service boundaries is an architectural decision driven by resource profile, operational cost/benefit, and product need.
- You have a knack for catching little errors and inconsistencies.
- You have a sense for when bandwidth limitations, technical debt, and non-iterative processes start to drag a project down, and you've employed effective strategies for preventing/remedying these issues in the past.
- You prefer open-source dependencies to closed-source dependencies because you have a compulsion to read the code that you're running.
- You've led and/or witnessed firsthand the processes that drive both big successful projects and big unsuccessful projects.
- You know from experience that a well-designed K8s cluster can provide an essential, unified ontology for resource/workflow orchestration, while a poorly designed K8s cluster can make developers reconsider getting into software development in the first place.
- You have a tried-and-true workflow for debugging cross-service performance issues and selecting the layer of the stack that actually merits optimization.
- You push for transparency and objectivity when evaluating your projects, your reports, and hiring process. You recognize the symptoms of implicit bias and strive to account for them.
- You're comfortable adopting Markdown as a lingua franca for note taking and project management.
- You're comfortable diving into large monolithic GitHub projects, as well as ecosystems of small GitHub projects.
- You're comfortable working in a fully remote environment, and have demonstrated success doing so in the past.
- You're interested in working at the intersection of pharmaceuticals, machine learning, neurology, and data engineering.
We rely on a variety of technologies to develop and operate different components of our Platform. Definitely reach out if you're interested in any of the following: AWS, Docker, K8s, Terraform, GitHub, Julia, K8s, Argo, Arrow, React, GraphQL, Hasura, PostgreSQL.

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