Design Director


Beacon Biosignals is seeking a talented Director of Design to lead overarching brand strategy, product design, and UI/UX development for navigating and interpreting petabytes of EEG data and making it truly useful to the world.


  •  You know from experience that a well-organized design framework can provide an essential, unified ontology for rapid front-end development.

  •  You know how to design tools that maximize data labeling throughput and minimize task overhead.

  •  You've led teams of designers and understand the importance of instilling the mission and product vision within your teams

  • You believe it's critical to have engineers tightly involved in agile design processes and to regularly review real user feedback

  •  You have a well-honed palate for developer ergonomics. You're keenly aware of the subtle differences between "simple" software and "easy-to-use" software, and know how that trade-off can impact day-to-day developer workflows.

  •  You know that UX/UI optimization for expert users is a game in which minuscule details can wreck workflows or convert users to evangelists in equal measure.

  • You believe in user-centered design principles and a hefty dose of Don Norman.

  •  You are experienced in designing, interpreting, and communicating results from A/B experiments

  •  You have well-worn practices for gathering critical information from domain experts, particularly clinicians

  •  You're a Figma wizard and believe in the importance of collaborative design.

  •  You are as comfortable leading a live product experiment with neurologists as you are wireframing and building a product demo video to communicate a "North Star" vision

  • You've demonstrated success in client-side design and implementation of responsive, multi-platform web applications.

  • You believe that "looks great" does not necessarily equal "feels great"...but your favorite applications accomplish both!

  •  You're annoyed that modern websites ship megabytes of unnecessary dependencies to user's browsers. You're painfully aware of the difference between "DRY" as an important guiding principle of software development, and "DRY" as a cargo-cult mentality used to justify lazy over-coupling of code.

  •  Your productivity bottleneck constantly switches between "idea-to-mockup time" and "mockup-to-implementation" time, because you're constantly improving both in turn.

  •  You're strongly motivated to apply your experience and skills to drive enormous impact for patients experiencing neurological and psychiatric disease.

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