Despite its significant potential for improving patient outcomes, brain monitoring is still not easily accessible or interpretable in clinical settings. We're going to fix that, and we'd like you to help.  We're a stealth-mode startup founded by numerical programmers, neuroscientists, and practicing neurologists who are committed to translating our best-of-breed clinical research from the lab into hospitals and beyond. We're well-funded, well-connected, and own a well-labeled set of brain data amassed over the past decade at some of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world.



Beacon Biosignals is seeking a talented neuroscientist to help us ingest and analyze petabytes of EEG data and make it truly useful to the world.



  • You're comfortable overseeing experiments that uniquely leverage data from our clinical partners, public datasets, and our own sensors to aid business decisions for ourselves and our clients ("How does our spike detection algorithm react to artificially degraded signal channels on a reduced montage?", "Does the outcome associated with this drug intervention also correlate with any particular spectral characteristics in the burst-suppression periods of these EEGs?", etc.)
  • You've encountered the myriad idiosyncrasies inherent to storing, streaming, and analyzing large volumes of dense signal data (e.g. audio, video, domain-specific sensor data, etc.).

  • You're excited to co-author scientific papers whose impact pushes the neurocritical care, neuroscience, and machine learning communities past contemporary limitations
  • You'll help develop new methodologies for aggregating a vast quantity of labels from expert neurologist readers of differing backgrounds and opinions

  • You can't wait to combine your DSP background with our unprecedented EEG dataset to blow published statistical EEG results out of the water

  • You will discover and formulate techniques for analysis that haven't even been attempted with EEG outside of Beacon due to lack of data and/or infrastructure

  • You can ensure that we properly select and rigorously measure the quantities we're optimizing for, both in our research and in our business
  • You will help steer engineering efforts to standardize, improve, and automate our model development lifecycle and related tooling

  • You prefer open-source dependencies to closed-source dependencies because you have a compulsion to read the code that you're running

  • PhD or equivalent experience in neuroscience or related field

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