Beacon Biosignals is seeking a talented individual to take our product's infrastructure and tooling to the next level, and along the way teach us all how to deliver more robust software to our users.


  • You're excited to design CI/CD pipelines that orthogonalize the critical feedback loops that entangle our code, data, models, and products.

  • You're tired of organizations treating DevOps like an individual role instead of a company-wide practice.

  • You have a well-honed palate for developer ergonomics. You're keenly aware of the subtle differences between "simple" software and "easy-to-use" software, and know how that trade-off can impact day-to-day developer workflows.

  • You're a reproducibility/containers nerd who turns others into reproducibility/containers nerds.

  • You've witnessed the pains that result from fitting square AWS-provided-solution pegs into round in-house-problem holes. Conversely, you've also seen how NIH syndrome can drive teams down a rabbit hole whose endpoint is a shallow reproduction of an existing AWS solution that could've just been employed in the first place.

  • Your eyeballs have ingested so much YAML that they've basically become numb to the pain by now.

  • You know from experience that a well-designed K8s cluster can provide an essential, unified ontology for orchestrating development resources/operations, while a poorly designed K8s cluster can make developers reconsider getting into software development in the first place.

  • You optimize in pursuit of lower human costs (temporal and/or fiscal), not lower machine costs.

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