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We're excited to bring on a Lead Frontend Engineer.  This engineer should have experience in building, testing, and deploying web applications, with particular expertise in forward-looking flavors of JavaScript and CSS, libraries like Angular.js and Redux, and tooling like Webpack, Karma, and Jasmine.  An ideal candidate has experience shipping products in previous jobs, is excited to mentor across our exceptional engineering organization, and has a good aesthetic sense.  The candidate should get energized by both contributing to product and establishing frontend infrastructure to make other engineers more effective.  While we place heavy emphasis on the frontend stack for this position, we consider experience with Python and Django a plus.

Software Engineering at B12

B12's engineering team views software as a craft, but improving the world as the reason to practice it. Our engineers are responsible for prioritizing, conceptualizing, co-designing, building, testing, and engaging users for any concept we are building out. We’re generalists in encouraging each other to experience the full stack, but we’re also aware of each other’s preferences in the stack. We mentor and teach where we can, both inside and outside of the company.

We value sharing our work with the outside world. Our team has published papers on forming expert flash teams and machine-mediated worker hierarchies. We’ve baked our research into Orchestra, the system that coordinates our expert and machine teams, and released Orchestra into open source to contribute our software back to the community.

We hope our engineers have more longevity than any one tool we use, but here is a sampling of our current thoughts about technology

  • We live on Python/Django and JavaScript/Angular.js.
  • We store blobs in Amazon’s S3, munch on them in Amazon’s EC2, develop in Docker, and deploy containers to Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk.
  • We believe Postgres should be the first system you consider when you think about persisting structured data.
  • We have near-full test coverage on the backend, and have room to grow on our frontend and integration tests (this is where you come in!).
  • We set up continuous integration and deployment because, while this model comes with its own pains, we’ve disliked being on fixed release schedules on previous projects.
  • We like to move fast and support point-in-time recovery :).

You’d be a good fit if

  • You have several years of experience shipping products and systems to production.
  • You are an amazing communicator.
  • You feel comfortable managing your time and deciding amongst competing priorities.
  • You are passionate about the future of work.
  • You enjoy learning and teaching.
  • You are an expert in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS and have experience with their forward-looking flavors.
  • You have built a product using Angular.js, and can speak to various tradeoffs and design decisions in the framework. Bonus points if you help us move to Angular 2!
  • You have set up frontend build systems and unit/integration tests for a product.
  • You love collaborating with designers but feel comfortable making some design decisions on your own.
  • You have a good aesthetic sense.
  • Don’t fear
    • We don't have a minimum number of years of experience for this role. We highly favor talent and interest.
    • Some candidates may see this list and feel discouraged because they don’t match all the items. Please apply anyway: there’s a good chance you’re more wonderful than you think you are.
    • B12 is a safe place for human beings. We particularly encourage you to apply if you identify as a woman, are a person of color or other underrepresented minority, or are a member of the LGBTQ community.

How to apply

Please provide

  • A pointer to your CV, resume, LinkedIn profile, or any other summary of your career so far.
  • Some informal text introducing yourself and what you are excited about.
  • If you have a profile on websites like GitHub or other repositories of open source software, you can provide that as well. If you don’t have one, it’s still very possible for us to get along just fine!

About B12

The workplace is undergoing rapid transformation, and B12 is on a mission to help people accomplish more at work. Orchestra, the engine behind B12’s Human-assisted A.I. model, is currently used to help teams of expert designers build and manage beautiful and professional websites. Leveraging A.I. to streamline complex workflows, B12 delivers superior outcomes for both creative experts and clients who receive a high-touch experience and a self-optimizing website in days, not weeks. Using intelligent software to automate repetitive tasks, B12 allows people to leverage their expertise where it matters most, paving the way to greater craftsmanship, superhuman productivity, and a brighter future of work. Backed by one of the best human-machine teams in the world, B12 recently closed its $12.4M Series A round led by General Catalyst Partners, Breyer Capital, Founder Collective, SV Angel, and more.


In writing this job description, we got inspiration from job descriptions at companies like Stripe, Rent the Runway, Keybase, and Dropbox.


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