Azul 3D

Azul 3D is a three-year-old startup in Chicago spun out of Northwestern University that is creating a paradigm shift in the plastics manufacturing sector. Today, there is a widely accepted but inadequate trade-off between additive manufacturing speed and part size. We are shattering that constraint with our proprietary 3D printer. It is capable of manufacturing parts at production speeds regardless of size with a throughput up to 2000x our leading competitors. We are enabling manufacturers to go from prototype to mass-manufacturing on one streamlined platform. In combination with our industrial-grade materials, this offers the opportunity for higher throughput, limitless scale, and just-in-time mass production of diverse, highly customized products.

Current Job Openings


VP of Engineering
Chicago, IL


Chemistry Intern
Chicago, IL


Electrical Engineer
Chicago, IL

Printing and Applications

Application Engineer
Chicago, IL