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About Us:

Aware Healthcare is turning therapy from an art to a science. We’re a venture-backed startup, on a mission to create the highest quality mental health care franchise in the world.

Every day, 100 million Americans struggle with a mental health issue, yet only 10% are receiving care based on science. That’s why we’re building a new mental health care system driven by data, where patients receive individualized care, clinicians deliver proven treatments, and insurance pays for outcomes not sessions.

While the rest of our industry is optimizing for quantity, we are laser focused on quality. Leveraging our data platform, we recently landed contracts with 6 of the top 7 insurance companies, which unlock access to 111M Americans and pay higher rates than any competitor. 

We have raised $5.7mm from top executives at Google, PayPal, Lyft, and AirBnB and investors who previously funded Square, Instacart, Twilio, GrubHub, StitchFix, OpenDoor, and SpaceX. We were founded in 2020 by AJ Goldstein (previously early at Calm and Oura) and are based in Los Angeles CA. You can learn more about Aware here:

About the Founder:

AJ Goldstein is the Founder and CEO of Aware Healthcare. Prior to Aware, AJ founded and ran a six-figure profitable AI consulting group called Conscious Insights, where he helped grow 8 early-stage startups into leading digital health brands over 3 years, including Calm, Oura, and Akili. While running Conscious Insights, AJ founded and hosted a popular data science podcast called Data Journeys, where he interviewed 25 world class data scientists from 13 organizations with over $1B in annual revenue and grew a following of 50k+ in 128 countries. Motivated by his own personal experience with the problem, AJ has committed the next decade of his life to creating a new mental health care system with Aware. You can read AJ’s story behind Aware here: 



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Founding Head of Therapy
Los Angeles (preferred) or Remote


Founding Head of Engineering
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Founding Mobile Engineer (iOS/Android)
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Founding Web Engineer (Full-Stack)
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Business Operations Manager
Los Angeles (preferred) or Remote
Chief of Staff to the CEO
Los Angeles (preferred) or Remote
Founding Head of Operations
Los Angeles (preferred) or Remote


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Therapy and Psychiatry