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We are the people behind, Tumblr, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and more. We are looking for an experienced, motivated writer and editor to join our team on This role will focus on writing, commissioning, and editing developer-focused content – from how-to tutorials to developer community profiles.

As an experienced writer and editor with a deep understanding of the WordPress ecosystem, you will plan and write original content and serve as a commissioning and managing editor for contract and internal content. Your work will have an impact on:

  • Building out a successful, omnichannel, developer-focused content strategy for
  • Growing the Developer blog
  • Attracting the best developer talent in the world to and its parent company, Automattic
  • Raising awareness and changing the perception of’s capabilities and competitive advantage in the developer community
  • Informing and building developer community partnerships

Primary Responsibilities include:

  • Crafting a content strategy and taxonomy for the Developer Blog, laddering up to a larger unified content strategy
  • Writing developer-focused WordPress content, from tutorials to profiles to thought leadership
  • Commissioning and editing developer-focused content from contract writers and subject matter authorities both within and outside the company
  • Running an editorial calendar and collaborating with adjacent content and creative teams to optimize the success and visibility of your content
  • Forging connections with the wider WordPress developer community
  • Running content operations for the Developer blog
  • Building out, tracking, and reporting on content success metrics that ladder up to company, team, and division goals
  • Collaborating on adjacent developer and consumer/creator content projects
  • Providing editorial support and insight to developer-focused initiatives across the product
  • Optimizing content for search and on-site discovery
  • Exchange scheduling and content information and tips with your colleagues in DesignEx and Employer Brand who run the public-facing Design blog and will also contribute to the Developer blog
  • Experience writing Developer focused email or landing page copy would be welcome additions


All levels of seniority are encouraged to apply.

Experience in the following areas will be vital for success in this role:

WordPress Knowledge - You have a strong understanding of the WordPress platform and community, and a sense of how you could build compelling developer content within the community.

Writing Expertise - You’re well versed in translating complex technical ideas into compelling editorial and tutorial content.

Content Strategy - You’re experienced in artfully dovetailing customer and business needs with effective, far-reaching content, and have tackled planning and shipping performant, audience-aligned content at a regular cadence.

Developmental and Technical Editing - You bring a keen editorial eye and technical editing experience to making content the best it can be.

Analytical Capabilities: You apply an analytical approach to iterating on and developing content and content formats, drawing on the most relevant data and insights.

Partner and Community Management - You’re not one to shy away from outspoken stakeholders, readers, and commenters, and relish the opportunity to advocate for WordPress and as well as for your vision of an effective online publication.

Communication and Persuasion Skills - You bring a well-developed ability to express complicated ideas in an easy-to-understand way, with excellent written, oral, and illustrative communication skills. You routinely listen to and consider alternative perspectives to identify the optimal path forward. You also understand the need to communicate (and sometimes, sell) your vision, goals, success, and any course corrections to a wider audience.

Contractor and Project Management - You bring experience mentoring, briefing, and guiding the work of contract writers and/or internal subject matter authorities to deliver high-quality work on time and within budget.

A Proactive and Collaborative Approach - You understand that the impact of your work is amplified with effective communication and collaboration with other teams, and take a proactive approach to joining the dots to make it happen. Left to your own devices, you communicate progress and direction proactively, pushing projects forward independently.

Technical Knowledge - You have some degree of experience with WordPress, GA (Google Analytics), PHP, CSS, HTML, etc.

Nice to have: Content operations experience, especially in terms of automation and process improvement, are welcome additions.

How to apply:

Does this sound exciting? If so, we’d love you to apply below and fill out our application form. In your cover letter, let us know what you can contribute to the team. Proofread! Make sure you spell and capitalize WordPress and Automattic accurately. We are lucky to receive many applications for this position, so try to make your application stand out.

Please include an answer to the following question in your cover letter:

  • What challenges do you think you’d face growing an audience for the Developer blog, and what would your approach be to working through them?

Applicants who do not submit their cover letter with their answer will not be considered.

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