At WooCommerce, we’re on a mission to Democratize Commerce; to achieve that, we want our teams to collaborate effectively by ensuring they have access to the right tools, processes, and information to work on the right projects at the right speed.

In this role, you’ll work in service to our leaders across our product portfolio and engineering teams to assist in executing effectively against their goals. You will be reporting directly to our Head of Operations to ensure we have a complete understanding of performance of the organization and remove blockers to evidence-based decision making.


  • Ensure that the Woo organization deploys best in class business and product operations to accelerate how teams work.
  • Ensure the organization is working on the right products so that we are effectively serving our market, while balancing value creation and value capture.
  • Ensure key priorities are understood by the organization and that we are able to respond to new information as needed.
  • Interfacing with all functions in the organization (Engineering, Design, Happiness, Customer Success, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and HR) to ensure availability of cross-functional data.
  • Preparing reports on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to inform strategy.
  • Automating data correlation, analysis, and reporting at every opportunity.


  • You love when tools + processes are set up correctly to get to the right outcomes faster (and can course correct quickly).
  • Your high EQ enables you to deftly navigate a changing business landscape and use influence across various teams.
  • Will advocate for best practices in tools and instrumentation (e.g., addressing data integrity issues).
  • Have a data-driven mindset, healthy skepticism, and critical eye balanced with respect to others.
  • Are a highly proficient multitasker, strong in both strategy and execution.
  • Have extensive experience managing projects and collaborating cross-functionally.
  • Love bringing order to chaos: crafting structure and building processes.
  • Have at least 5+ years in a similar role(s).

How to apply

Does this sound exciting? If yes, fill out our application form. Please include the answers to these questions in your cover letter. Applicants who do not submit their cover letter with answers will not be considered.

  • Tell us about the time when you designed and implemented operational improvements to product development. Walk us through a planning/implementation process – how did you identify the opportunity, what tools did you use, and how was success measured?
  • What is your approach to product operations management and juggling the many moving parts within multiple concurrent projects, dependencies, and stakeholders?
  • How would you approach changes to how we manage our product development process?

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Automattic

We’re improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry. At Automattic, we want people to love their work and show respect and empathy to all. We welcome differences and strive to increase participation from traditionally underrepresented groups. Our DEI committee involves Automatticians across the company and drives grassroots change. For example, this group has helped facilitate private online spaces for affiliated Automatticians to gather and helps run a monthly DEI People Lab series for further learning. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a priority at Automattic, though our dedication influences far more than just Automatticians: We make our products freely available and translate our products into and offer customer support in numerous languages. We require unconscious bias training for our hiring teams and ensure our products are accessible across different bandwidths and devices. Learn more about our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion and our Employee Resource Groups.

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