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Transforming the face of healthcare..

Author Health is a telehealth company, and we are deeply integrated with changing the landscape with behavioral healthcare. Through our model, patients and their caregivers are given an avenue to reconnect with healthcare providers and receive personalized and comprehensive treatment within their communities, and outside of hospitals and institutions. We fill a need for a population that is not able to connect to quality providers. 

Our Mission is to reimagine and deliver a fully- integrated, community- based healthcare ecosystem that improves quality of life and experience for patients, caregivers, and clinicians. 

It is evident that our nation is clearly struggling to meet the health and social needs of people with behavioral health conditions, and those needs are only increasing within our aging population. Author Health was born out of the necessity to fundamentally shift how our health system prioritizes behavioral health and preventive services. By aligning Medicare Advantage health plans and clinicians to improve health and wellness, using a combination of technology and community relationship-building for hard-to-reach populations, Author Health is primed to meet the growing demand for psychiatric care on a national scale.

With leadership from some of the top healthcare and technology organizations in the nation, a proven, cost-effective, and scalable approach, and a meaningful market need, Author Health is well-positioned for growth. We are proud to support Author Health’s mission-driven approach and vision to change millions of lives for the better… this is our heart behind the ‘WHY!’ 

Our work is grounded in your story. So is our support.  To close gaps in care and advance equity in the communities we serve, we have started by creating a diverse and inclusive team. Our ways of working are characterized by creativity, collaboration, and mutual learning that comes from bringing together a community from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We strive to ensure that every person on the Author Health team, and every Author Health member, feels supported and included as a part of our community.


At Author Heath, we are dedicated to a field-based, home-based care model, ensuring we meet our members right where they are, in their homes, and their communities. We are seeking professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to connect with our members in a high-tech environment where we are there at all times assisting the members. We value non-judgmental, respectful, and empathetic interactions, aiming to meet the unique needs of each member. Immerse yourself in the realm of specialized care at Author Health. Our primary mission is to deliver outstanding care for seniors battling with serious mental illnesses (SMIs) and substance use disorders (SUDs). We are committed to making a significant impact in the lives of our most vulnerable population. With our advanced technology, our members can enjoy a stress-free experience as we provide all the necessary services. Join us in our mission to revolutionize healthcare.


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