About Us

At any given time, 15 million Americans are experiencing a crisis that requires urgent help from our legal system or government. The right assistance could transform their lives. But today, most never get it. Atticus is a startup on a mission to change that.

We use a marketplace model to bridge the gap between the many ordinary people who need legal help and the few great lawyers who provide it. To our clients, we're the legal equivalent of a primary care doctor: We diagnose their issue, advise them on their options, and, if needed, refer them to a specialist — a vetted, top-tier lawyer who can win their case. To lawyers, we operate as a broker: we send them pre-vetted clients and earn a percentage of what they make from each successful representation.

Who are our clients? We’ve helped immigrants facing deportation, employees sexually harassed by their bosses, and drivers hospitalized after awful car accidents. For now, though, our primary focus is on helping disabled people get government benefits. Our customers are among the 15 million American adults who have lost their ability to support themselves due to a severe illness or injury. They’re eligible for life-changing government support — a monthly check and health insurance — but a byzantine system prevents most from qualifying. We help them understand their rights and find the help they need to get benefits.

Atticus was founded in 2018. Our team remains small — we’ll grow from 12 to 20 people this year — but we’ve served thousands of happy customers (see our 500+ 5-star reviews), generated substantial revenue, and raised $5.8 million from top venture capital investors. We’re the first of our kind: a mission-driven firm offering free legal services to ordinary people, driven by new technology and on track to build a huge and profitable business.

The Job

Serving our clients is a fascinatingly complex process: We have to reach them, gather information, identify their needs, give advice, match them with a lawyer, connect them to that lawyer, convince both parties to work together, and formalize the arrangement — all as fast as humanly possible. (Our record is about 20 minutes, though it sometimes takes weeks.) Parts of the process are fully automated, while others are fully human. Any change made to one stage cascades through every other.

Your job is to lead our efforts to redesign and improve that process, so that we can help more people in less time. It’s a tough intellectual challenge, and a critical one for our company as we grow. Your mission:

  • Map our current processes and measure their performance: gather data, analyze it, and present your findings to show how we’re doing today.
  • Design improvements: Interview customers and employees to understand their needs and pain points, and research similar processes at other companies. Then brainstorm new ideas and propose new ways of doing things.
  • Implement your proposals: Work with our engineering and client service teams to bring your ideas to life. Wherever possible, build them yourself (particularly in Salesforce), and try multiple variants.
  • Run experiments, test what you’ve implemented, gather data to measure your impact, and iterate.
  • Join in high-level strategic discussions, and use what you’ve learned to shape key decisions at a company level.

This job has particularly high potential for promotion. After 12-24 months, the expectation is that you'd grow into a General Manager or Product Manager role.



  • You have 2+ years of experience in management consulting, business operations, or industrial/systems engineering at a high-performing company.
  • You’ve successfully led projects where you mapped complex systems, gathered and analyzed data, made recommendations, and helped design and implement solutions.
  • You have a mastery of data and analytics and advanced-level expertise in Excel.
  • You’re a persuasive advocate for your ideas and have experience getting buy-in from others.
  • You know how to take a lean approach: you can propose experiments, gather data, analyze results, and iterate quickly.
  • You have a demonstrated commitment to doing good and helping people.

Bonus / Nice-to-Have:

  • You have experience with marketplace businesses, call centers, or complex consumer services (insurance, fintech, medical, real estate, etc.).
  • You’ve done consumer-focused research or discovery work, or something else that makes you comfortable interviewing and empathizing with average people.
  • You’ve worked with business intelligence platforms and tools at an advanced level.
  • You have experience teaching and training others, and can drive adoption of tools you build.

We have a strong commitment to building a diverse team. If you’re from a background that’s underrepresented in law and tech, we’d particularly love to meet you.


This is a rare opportunity to join a startup that has strong traction (substantial funding, great backers, and many happy customers) but is still small enough that you can have a huge impact, play a role in shaping our team and culture, and grow with the company.

We’re a certified B Corporation tackling a critical social problem. Your work here will touch a lot of lives.

We offer great pay, equity, and benefits:

  • Health insurance with 100% of premiums covered
  • 15 vacation days & ~14 paid holidays each year
  • Personal weekly coaching and mentorship through BetterUp
  • Free memberships to ClassPass, TalkSpace, and OneMedical
  • 401(k) and optional HSA
  • Free snacks, drinks, weekly lunches, and occasional team dinners/events/retreats
  • A beautiful office in LA's Arts District (across from Salt & Straw)
  • Free parking or a Metro Pass
  • Humble, thoughtful, smart, fun colleagues

Note on COVID-19

In turbulent times, you'd be right to worry about working at a startup. Thankfully though, Atticus will remain strong even if this crisis worsens:

  • Since most of our business involves helping people who are out of work, this is a rare field that grows markedly during recessions.
  • We recently closed a sizable funding round and won't need to raise again until late 2021.
  • Our team already has several full-time remote employees, so we’ve built our processes and platforms from the ground up to easily enable remote work.
  • In keeping with our values, we’ve always offered every team member unlimited sick leave.

As more families are forced to seek help from our nation’s broken social safety net, this work matters more than ever. We're continuing to hire as planned, with accommodations to our process to make sure that everyone involved stays safe.

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