• Own our primary mechanism for influencing human behavior: the data visualization and actioning workflow of our insights engine.
  • You will be primarily responsible for:
    • Delivering data driven product insights via API to our user-facing mobile and web applications
    • Ensuring user consumption and understanding of these insights via compelling data visualizations
    • Ensuring user actioning of these insights via intuitive and powerful workflows
  • You’ll need to be able to do these things well to succeed at this job
    • Operate efficiently and effectively in our existing ES6, React/Redux, D3, and LESS web application stack (it’s OK if you need to ramp on these specific technologies, as long as you have the experience and interest to effectively do so)
    • Willingness and ability to effectively jump into the API (Java, Spring, Hibernate), PostgreSQL, and AWS stack to deliver end to end features
    • Thrive on the idea of building features that users love and want to use every day
    • Operate efficiently and effectively in a pre-product market fit environment by pragmatically balancing time to market with scalability
    • Be excited about working every day in our San Francisco office, and believe in the value of teams working most of the time together and in person
  • While none of these are required for the role, you’ll be able to own even more if you have some of the following experience (or are effective at learning them!)
    • Designing and/or building compelling data visualizations
    • Designing and build efficient, reliable, and clean internal APIs
    • Proficiency with relational databases
    • Team leadership - Effectively provide architectural guidance, thought leaderships, and engineering mentorship for a team of engineers
  • We would be open and excited if you also had these skills or interests
    • Product design - Participate in driving the interaction design and/or visual design of our user experience
    • Data product management - Investigate inefficiencies and identify data product enhancements to incrementally improve our existing product features (from iterating the way we use existing data sources to identifying new data sources)
    • Organizational design - Thoughtfully help us design and evolve our culture and process as we grow
    • People management - Effectively hire, manage, and scale a data engineering organization

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