The Atrium team is looking to add more fabulous Operations Associates to our go-to-market team. 

The Operations Associates on the Atrium GTM team help the trains run on time in a huge way. The team works on a variety of critical tasks and projects to help our AEs, CSMs, and SDRs be as productive as possible. It's an amazing way to "break into" tech / ramp your tech career.

This includes CRM data-entry and modification, data-cleaning projects, Atrium account audit and tuning, marketing material sending, and even event and travel planning. They’re jacks of all trades and it gives them amazing access to all parts of an exciting early stage startup.

What’s more, the Operations Associates role is a fantastic training ground that can lead to an eventual role as a sales development rep and later account executive, a customer success associate, or even a sales operations or business operations role. When you work on lots of things in a startup - there’s lot of places you can go!

Also, you get to work on the Atrium GTM Team - which is super detailed in this deck!

Responsibilities Include

  • Assist Sales and CS team with a variety of software-based setup and configuration tasks. 
  • Atrium account audit, tuning, and modification
  • CRM data-entry and modification
  • General administrative tasks like online purchasing, data-cleaning, and more. 
  • Filing bugs and interacting with product management and engineering occasionally
  • Sending out of marketing collateral and sales assets
  • Event and travel planning and booking. 

Must Haves

  • Exceptional written communication: Typos and grammatical errors make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.
  • ATD: Extreme attention to detail and process orientation. You get joy out of checking those little checkmarks to retire tasks, and are the person who notices the continuity errors in movie scenes (and points them out to your friends). 
  • GSD: You pride yourself and jamming out lots of work - it impresses your colleagues and you love having that reputation. 
  • Organized: Your inbox is clean. Asana and Trello are your friends. Everything is in its right place on your desk. Zen. 
  • Growth Mindset: You love to learn new things and then master them. New types of tasks and projects are an opportunity to growth - not something to be afraid of.
  • Initiative: When you see an issue, you tackle it versus waiting for someone to tell you what to do. Ask forgiveness, not permission. 
  • Fun & Funner: We like to laugh, make jerry jokes, and have fun even while getting lots of ish done. You should too. 
  • Quick Study: You pick up things quickly and enjoy it.  
  • Technology Lover: You love to use tools and software to make your life easier and remove inefficiencies from your workflow. This includes making your own tools and systems. 
  • Yay Area: You’re based in the Bay Area and are down to commute into the San Francisco office once we’re all sure it’s super duper safe to do that again.
  • SchoolDegree from a four-year university - University of California, Cal-State, or equivalent. 

Interview Process

We’re big fans of “job simulation” in hiring. So in our hiring process, you’ll be “doing” a bunch of stuff that lets you flex your muscles and show you have the chops for the job. Most people find it pretty fun, since they get to show off their skills. We prioritize "doing" over "talking" at Atrium.

Specifically, you’ll be doing the following, with each step following the successful completion of the prior step: 

  • An initial written screen to show of your excellent written communication skills. Should take about 30-60 minutes to complete.

  • A phone screen to discuss your goals and talk more in depth about the role with your potential manager.

  • A “take home project” that entails following some detailed instructions in configuring some consumer-grade software (e.g., Eventbrite) and writing some content.

    This will probably take 2-4 hours - but is very important for demonstrating the skills that will be key in your day to day role at Atrium.

  • After that, live interviews (Zoom) with your potential manager, and teammates.

  • Offer!

You can read more about how we roll here.

Atrium is backed by blue chip investors, and founded by Peter Kazanjy and Jason Heidema, prior founders of TalentBin, acquired in 2014 by Monster Worldwide.


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