• Company mission
    • Atrium uses data and smart analytics to empower teams to make better-informed work decisions, and as a result, be more successful and happy in their work.
  • How We Do It
    • We provide transparent and actionable visibility into all the actions happening in a company to help every employee be more mindful of the quantity, quality, and time allocation of their work efforts.
    • We are not building another BI tool where employees with extra time on their hands can do complicated and time consuming analysis.  
    • We are building an insights engine that does the research for you and alerts you when you need to take action.  
  • The Result
    • Atrium helps all employees and teams better manage their time and actions to focus on reaching their primary goals
    • Atrium turns managers into superheroes that always know what is going on in their organization, and as such congratulate successes when they happen and provide assistance when needed
    • Atrium enables executives to run more efficient organizations that spend time on their top goals, and don’t waste valuable employee energy on low priority or fruitless efforts
  • Help us build something that makes people better and happier every day


  • As a Software Engineer you will work as part of a cross-functional team of product managers, designers, and engineers to focus on delivering back end features of our powerful data pipeline and core analytics platform. Atrium is experiencing rapid growth and this is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Our platform collects and transforms tons of enterprise data into actionable, data driven product insights. We need help extending our platform to meet the demands of this rapid business growth, while improving quality, and optimizing performance.. 
  • You will be primarily responsible for:
    • Collaborating with the team to design, implement and support new,  robust and scalable product features/services in our data pipeline and analytics platform in a cloud environment. 
    • Designing and building efficient, reliable, and clean internal APIs to support front end applications.
    • Triaging and troubleshooting bugs in a production environment and getting to the root of very complex issues. 
  • You’ll need these experiences to succeed at this job
    • 3+ Years experience working as a Software Engineer
    • Proficient in Java, and working knowledge of SQL
    • Familiar with test frameworks and enthusiasm for delivering high quality products.. 
    • Ability to operate efficiently and effectively in an early stage, Agile environment
  • While none of these are required for the role, you’ll be able to own even more if you have experience with some of these (or are effective at learning them!)
    • Full stack experience with Javascript and React
    • Experience working with microservices or messaging architectures like Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc
    • Experience with cloud data warehouses technologies such as Snowflake, Redshift, or BigQuery.
  • We would be open and excited if you also had these skills or interests
    • Data analytics - Use statistical analysis to identify correlations between user behavior and outcomes
    • Data science - Identify and extract new “ah ha” product insights and features from our large corpus of data 


  • Push it - We move fast and are willing to take risks, question assumptions, try new things, push expectations, and learn from the results
  • User First - We understand that we can’t make people more successful in their jobs without their buy in
  • Authentic - We expect transparent, intellectually honest, open minded, and empathetic conversations with each other and with our users
  • Balance - We work efficiently and effectively together, so we can each invest in building and maintaining fulfilling lives when we are apart
  • Empower People - We support creativity and don’t micromanage, and in exchange we expect high integrity and results


  • We are building something huge, a platform that people will use every day to make them better and happier in their jobs.  Join us to enable a powerful change in the way we work.
  • We are just getting started.  Join us on the bottom floor and be an integral part of the product, process, and cultural design. 
  • We are a talented, curious, creative, authentic, and aspirational group of people.  Join a team that you will love working with every day.
  • We are invested in each other, and you.  Join us to continue learning and growing as a professional and as a person.
  • Some key benefits
    • Top of market “A-round” startup salary and equity
    • Full medical/dental/vision package
    • Investment in ongoing training and new skills acquisition
    • Investment in the right equipment, nourishment, events, and tchotchkes required for an impactful, healthy, and fun work environment

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