The Sales Strategy Success Manager role we’re hiring for is an amazing opportunity for a high-energy, whip-smart professional looking to break into, or ramp your expertise in, technology startups.

You will report to Karen Rhorer, our Customer Success and Sales Strategy Lead, who came onboard to build out this function after running Sales Operations teams from startup to public company size, and support her in building out the Customer Success process at Atrium.

This includes helping to onboard, enable, service, instrument, gather feedback from, and engage Atrium’s customer base. Since we’re still a small team, you will also have the opportunity to gain experience in product marketing, designing our communications to customers, and in helping define and prioritize the product roadmap.

Atrium builds sales performance software that helps sales managers and individual sales reps understand and improve their performance. Accordingly, our Customer Success function acts, in many ways, like an external Sales Operations & Strategy function, working with sales leaders to extract insights and then take action from the analytics generated by Atrium’s product. This is much larger than a traditional Customer Success role. We are still early enough that the Atrium customer success “motion” is a work in progress - so you will be helping to analyze, refine, and document that for customer success folks in the future. There is a lot of ownership and self-direction opportunity here, crossed with heaping helpings of accelerated learning (by working with the best.)


Recognizing that everyone has a different mix of strengths, these are ones that will lead you to flourish in this role.

  • Communication: You have top percentile written and verbal communication abilities (email, documentation, etc.).

  • Critical thinking and analysis: You have the ability to engage the left side of your brain to break down problems and use data to understand implications and insights, and propose solutions.

  • Project Management: You are adept at handling multiple concurrent threads without losing track of them. Checklist and process orientation. No squirrel chasing here.

  • Tech enablement: You like to use technology (communication, instrumentation, etc.) to leverage your efforts and look to build tooling and use automation wherever you can to give yourself superpowers.

  • Selling: I know that you likely haven’t “sold” before and hearing that word scares a lot of folks. I mean experience with value-based persuasion. College fundraising, client or stakeholder persuasion, or account management in some capacity.



All backgrounds are welcome, but particular previous professions that would set you up well would be consulting, finance, or pretty much anything that requires a mix of interpersonal communication crossed with continuous and substantial data-based analysis. Sales Operations professionals might find this role a particularly good fit, given the nature of the relationship our Customer Success function has with the sales managers who are our customers.

It is the mixing of left and right-brain capacity that is truly key to this role. As such, representative college majors might be (but are not limited to) economics, hard engineering / sciences, liberal arts, but with the traditional stereotypes of these backgrounds tempered with skills found outside those backgrounds (e.g., “the engineering major with interpersonal passion” or the “liberal arts major who loves excel and tableau.”)


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