Atrium uses data and smart analytics to empower teams to make better-informed decisions. Help us build something that makes people more successful and happy in their work.

We are looking for a mobile engineering lead to take over development and ownership of our awesome mobile application.


  • Delivering meaningful analytical insights via API to our user-facing mobile and web application clients
  • Crafting compelling mobile data-visualizations to ensure that our users understand how to interpret and action those insights
  • Building intuitive and powerful mobile workflows to motivate our users to take action


  • You operate efficiently and effectively in Swift and AutoLayout
  • You are proficient in building mobile UIs programmatically
  • You have released at least one mobile application to the Apple App Store
  • You build efficient, reliable, and clean internal APIs (we use Java, Spring, Hibernate)
  • You are willing and able to jump further into our PostgreSQL, and AWS stack as needed to deliver end to end features
  • You build features that users love and want to use daily
  • You thrive in pre-product-market-fit environment by pragmatically balancing time-to-market with scalability
  • You are enthusiastic about working in our San Francisco office and believe in the value of small, collocated, collaborative teams


  • You have experience with ReactiveSwift
  • You have experience with Quick/Nimble
  • You have experience with functional programming
  • You have experience building data visualizations (graphs, charts)
  • You have experience building applications that work with a variety of devices (universal, watchOS, tvOS), screen sizes, and iOS versions!
  • You have experience setting up continuous integration for Apple platforms

It’s OK if you haven't mastered all of these specific technologies yet, especially outside of the mobile space, as long as you have the experience and interest to effectively learn and grow with support from your peers.

We believe that transparent, intellectually-honest, conversations build the trust and integrity needed for success. We're committed to building an exceptional team with diverse perspectives and skillsets.

As a foundational employee, you will play an important role shaping the culture and character of our engineering team. Ideally, we'd like to bring on a strong mobile team leader who can effectively provide architectural guidance, thought leadership, and engineering mentorship for a team of mobile engineers as we grow.


  • We are building something huge, a platform that people will use every day to make them better and happier in their jobs. Join us to enable a powerful change in the way we work.
  • We are just getting started. Join us on the bottom floor and be an integral part of the product, process, and cultural design.
  • We are an intellectually-curious, hard-working group of people. Join a team that you will love working with every day.
  • We are invested in each other, and you. Join us to continue learning and growing as a professional and as a person.


  • Top of market “A-round” startup salary and equity
  • Full medical/dental/vision package
  • Investment in ongoing training and new skills acquisition
  • Investment in the right equipment, nourishment, events, and tchotchkes required for an impactful, healthy, and fun work environment

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