A Thinking Ape builds communities through mobile games with emergent social play and original IP. We released our first game in 2009 and have been profitable and growing every year since. We are a bottom-up driven company with small teams that have a big focus on ownership and data driven decision making. Our portfolio of games are growing. We are scaling our marketing team and entering new markets to capitalize on this growth and bring our games to more players. Over 2018 we have seen extensive growth, and the combined year over year revenue growth for our games grew by 48%.


What is the role?

We are looking for a Senior Game Designer to join our team as we prepare for a year of rapid growth. You will be working with a full team of developers, artists, and community managers, along with support from our user acquisition and data science teams. You will help us scale up our live games and eventually lead your own team on a new original IP game.

We have opportunities on two different teams:

Kingdoms of Heckfire is a popular Kingdom Builder/SLG genre, with a passionate community, accessible gameplay and memorable characters. We are looking for someone who can drive the vision of this game to the next level, and be a part of our world-class team as we scale this game into the top of the charts.

Party in my Dorm is a social strategy game. On the surface it appears to be a casual chat game, but quickly unfolds into one of the most hardcore mobile games in the market. It has hundreds of thousands of players, PVP wars and events, co-op PVE raids, a trade economy, highly customizable content, massive clubs and a narrative story engine; all built into one game.


What will you do as a Senior Mobile Game Designer?

  • Create new features that you feel will help take our games to the next level and improve on existing features to increase retention and monetization
  • Balance game systems, virtual goods, game economies and currencies
  • Analyze user data and feedback to develop new content and game mechanics
  • Build relationships with development and creative teams to facilitate idea generation and feature implementation
  • Develop flows and processes to improve our content generation and feature development pipelines
  • Champion new features by finding the best ideas, getting support from the team, and executing on a launch strategy that includes iteration and improvements


Who are we looking for?

Above all else, you are someone who can drive a vision forward. You have experience working in games in the free to play business model. You understand the complexities of driving growth through leading game metrics and user acquisition. You understand the power of Kingdom Builder games and how they operate in the market. You are passionate about creating communities and excited to build a community in the SLG/Kingdom builder genre.

The perfect candidate will also be a passionate, high level player in the free-to-play Kingdom Builder/SLG genre. You play them daily, understand how they monetize, and have a strong desire to be involved in creating one yourself. You understand end-game PvP and how to balance it in a way that is not too punishing for newer players. You have a keen understanding of what it takes to have a thriving, healthy player community within a server or shard.

The primary qualifications we’re looking for are:

  • Driven the vision for a game and worked together with a team of designers, artists and engineers to bring it to reality
  • Deep knowledge of systems design, combat balance and economy design
  • Developed and launched new features, evaluated their success and iterated in a live environment
  • Experience with live event creation and management
  • Experience with data analysis, KPI impact analysis and metrics based decision making
  • Experience working with customer feedback and growing game communities
  • Understanding of mobile UX design including creating wireframes and user flows
  • Understanding of prioritization of features and content including risk assessment
  • You are a master at working with spreadsheets


Other qualifications that help are:

  • Worked on a free-to-play Kingdom Builder game
  • Worked with a large community on a live game
  • Experience managing a team of designers
  • Marketing/user acquisition
  • Basic finance (P&L)
  • Visual design/art
  • Narrative design


While everyone on our team is different, to thrive here you should...

  • Be self motivated, take pride in your work and enjoy huge amounts of ownership
  • Set aside your ego and have wonderful arguments with your coworkers in order to create something better than any one person could individually
  • Challenge your own assumptions and use data to make decisions whenever possible
  • Be passionate about teaching others what you know and continuing your own growth every day
  • Not be afraid to fail–you experiment and learn from your mistakes

What’s in it for you

At ATA you’re offered a flexible, safe, inclusive environment in which you have the autonomy to do your best work, surrounded by a strong team and with the encouragement of supportive leadership that doesn’t just care what you’re doing, but how you’re doing. You’re trusted, respected, listened to, cared for and valued. You take on thought-provoking projects and tackle fun problems alongside people who are equally invested in making meaningful contributions and seeing new ideas come to life. You know how your work aligns with the company’s goals. Your career is given the space and resources to progress. You accomplish things that make you proud. You are compensated competitively, your health and wellbeing are top priorities and you enjoy plenty of perks. You build communities, take ownership, have wonderful arguments, let the best ideas win and keep growing. You don’t just work for ATA, you are an integral part of ATA.


Our commitment to inclusion

At ATA we build communities. But community extends beyond our players: it also encompasses our employees and candidates. We support diversity in the workplace and always strive for inclusion. Part of this is selfish; we believe we’ll make better decisions if we’re able to tap into a variety of different perspectives. But we also care that our employees and candidates feel valued and comfortable being themselves. We are proud of the wonderful people, workplace and culture that ATA has fostered since its inception.


Discover even more

Check out our story to find out how we got to where we are today, and learn about our culture by following @athinkingape on social. You can also listen to Kenshi Arasaki, ATA CEO & Co-Founder, talk about what it’s like to work here.

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