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In 1986, Asset Living was founded with a vision to serve communities better. Since the beginning, our undeniable passion has driven our organic growth from a small property management firm to one of the most trusted allies in real estate. Today, we’re honored to be a valued partner to customers and communities throughout the United States. Asset Living manages a portfolio consisting of 100,000+ units and 133,500+ beds. We’re a company dedicated to growing communities. It starts with the community we’ve created at Asset. Asset is a team of diverse backgrounds, unique ideas, and distinct personalities. Together, there are no limits to what we can accomplish. Asset is not just another job–it’s a life-changing opportunity to find your passion, reach your goals, and work alongside the most driven team in real estate. Join us today!

Current Job Openings

271 - Campus Housing Divison

Community Manager
Memphis, TN
Lease-Up Specialist
College Station, TX
Porter - Aspen Springfield
Springfield, MO

C0230P002331 - Harbor, The

Porter - The Harbor
College Station, TX
The Harbor- Community Assistant
College Station, TX

C1000P002286 - Villagio

C1000P002771 - Junction (The)

C1000P002772 - Edge (The)

Maintenance Supervisor
San Marcos, TX
Maintenance Technician
San Marcos, TX

C1002P002889 - Nine at College Park Phase II

C1002P904345 - The Nine at Central

C1020P002271 - Vista (The)

C1020P002784 - Grad (The)

Porter - The Grad
San Jose, CA

C1025P002489 - Pointe at Troy

C1028P002907 - Marshall Louisville (The)

C1032P002241 - Elevation On Post

C1032P002701 - Reserve at San Antonio

C1032P002702 - Warehouse and Factory

C1040P002880 - Rio West

C1057P002852 - Eleven25

C1058P002158 - Pacific Sunrise

C1073P002709 - Viridian

C1078P002978 - Knights Circle

C1078P002979 - Pointe at Central

C1084P002875 - One at Lubbock (The)

C1084P100001 - The Grand at Starkville

C1085P002812 - Tiger Towne

C1086P000202 - Victory at Wake Forest

C1086P002832 - Victory on Portland

C1086P002881 - University Village Fullerton

Fullerton, CA

C1086P002922 - 745 Burcham Drive

C1086P904069 - Victory at Syracuse

C1113P002879 - Seminole Trails

Porter - Tallahassee
Tallahassee, FL

C1113P870325 - Vertex

Community Manager - Vertex
Tallahassee, FL

C1118P002890 - Stack (The)

Community Assistant - The Stack
College Station, TX
Leasing Consultant - The Stack
College Station, TX

C1139P002012 - Lofts Of Nacogdoches

Porter - Lofts Nacogdoches
Nacogdoches, TX

C1139P002965 - Legends at Nacogdoches

C1159P002041 - Southgate Campus Centre

C1159P002330 - Cadence at Southern

C1159P002887 - Scene at Sand Hill

C1159P002898 - Edge PA (The)

C1168P002845 - East Village

C1168P002869 - 848 Mitchell

C1169P002288 - 940 North

Porter - 940 North
Spokane, WA

C1181P002757 - Octave

C1181P904376 - Laurel, The

C1183P002443 - Campus Court

C1186P002910 - LionsGate

C1190P002303 - Campus Walk One

C1197P002149 - The Aves @ Twelve100

C1197P002818 - Lyndon (The)

C1197P004031 - Copper Beech at Harrisonburg, VA

C1197P004055 - Copper Beech at Radford, VA

C1197P004063 - State College Collective on Aaron I

C1197P004100 - Arch Abilene (The)

C1197P004103 - Grove at Ames, IA

C1197P004104 - Copper Beech at Ames, IA

C1197P004105 - Verge Asheville (The)

C1197P004112 - Grove at Cheney, WA

C1197P004126 - Varsity House Gainesville, FL

C1197P004138 - Verge Las Cruces, NM (The)

C1197P004154 -Grove at Pullman, WA

C1197P004159 - Grove at Slippery Rock, PA

Community Assistant Position
Slippery Rock, PA

C1197P004170 - Grove at Stephenville, TX

C1197P004172 - Arch Troy, AL (The)

C1202P002421 - Vic Village North

C1230P002275 - Registry at Bowling Green

Community Assistant
Bowling Green, KY

C1234P002899 - Carolina Creek

C1234P002902 - Hawkeye Towers

C1234P002904 - CEV at the Lodge

C1234P002905 - University Crossing Apartments

C1234P002906 - Eagle Village Apartments

C1236P002878 - Verve Bloomington

C1236P904035 - Ufora Gainesville

Community Assistant - UFORA
Gainesville, FL

C1236P904112 - Rev, The

Community Assistant - The Rev
College Station, TX
Leasing Consultant
College Station, TX

C1245P002853 - Pembroke Pointe

C1245P002854 - Catamount Peak

Porter - Catamount Peak
Cullowhee, NC

C1255P002894 - StateHouse Arena

C1260P002083 - University Lofts

C1270P904099 - Sweetwater

C1270P904103 - Rambler ATX

C1270P904104 - Whistler

C1285P002340 - View on 10th

C1285P002352 - Campus Court at Knollwood

C1285P002370 - Todd (The)

C1285P002373 - 4th Street Commons

C1285P002374 - 930 NoMo

Maintenance Technician
Charleston, SC
Porter - 930 NoMo
Charleston, SC

C1285P002375 - District at Campus West

C1285P002386 - Flats at West Village

C1288P002897 - Wexler (The)

C1309P002829 - University Village

Maintenance Technician
Fort Myers, FL

C1320P002366 - Avalon Place

C1321P002721 - Woodlands of College Station

C1332P002932 - Green Spring

C1359P002860 - Town Lake

C1383P002207 - Mustang Village - I Town Homes

Housekeeper - Mustang Village
San Luis Obispo, CA

C1405P002704 - Angelo Place

Porter - Angelo Place
San Angelo, TX

C1410P002711 - Hills of Harrisonburg - Northview

C1410P002715 - Park at Athens - Lakeside

C1410P002716 - West 20

C1429P002124 - Pointe on Rio

C1429P002483 - Pointe at San Marcos

C1430P002364 - YOUnion at Fayetteville

C1449P002999 - Stratum at Indiana

C1450P002151 - Campus Pointe - KY

Porter - Campus Pointe - KY
Bowling Green, KY

C1450P002249 - Crown (The)

C1450P002281 - Indigo at 110

C1450P002383 - St. Joes Place

C1450P002833 - Reserve at College Station

C1450P002926 - Chandler at 1818 (pka Renaissance Statesboro)

C1469P002911 - Summit (The)

Porter - Summit
San Luis Obispo, CA

C1474P002785 - Lofts at Wolf Pen Creek

C1520P002478 - Urban Enclave

C1520P002804 - Lodge at Allendale

C1520P002809 - Stadium View

Community Assistant
Jonesboro, AR
Porter - Stadium View
Jonesboro, AR

C1520P002836 - Seminole Landing

C1524P100002 - Aspen Heights Wichita

C1524P100004 - Aspen Syracuse

C1524P100005 - Evergreen Auburn

C1524P100006 - Avery Fresno

C1524P100007 - Aspen Heights Towson

C1524P100008 - Aspen Heights Knoxville

C1524P100009 - Aspen Heights Sam Houston

C1524P100011 - Aspen Heights Pullman

C1524P100012 - Aspen Heights University City

C1524P100013 - Aspen Tampa

C1524P100014 - Aspen State College

C1524P100015 - Haus State College

C1524P100016 - Aspen Buffalo

C1524P100018 - Aspen Heights College Park, MD

Community Assistant
College Park, MD

C8648P904065 - VERVE Boise

C8655P904046 - Trailside

C8675P002779 - DLP Tuscaloosa

C8675P904128 - DLP Jonesboro

Community Manager
Jonesboro, AR

C8675P904130 - DLP Proper

C8675P904131 - DREAM Aspen Creek

C8675P904132 - Dream Germantown

C8675P904138 - Live Shreveport

C8675P904142 - Park East I

C8675P904147 - PROSPER Gulfport

C8675P904149 - PROSPER Orange Beach

C8675P904151 - PROSPER Pleasant Valley - Pleasant Pointe

C8675P904152 - Prosper Riverdale

Community Manager
Little Rock, AR

C8675P904154 - DLP Kutztown

C8675P904157 - Willow Trace

C8685P506628 - Hamilton Court

C8687P870131 - Elevate

C8690P904378 - GSH Houston at U of H

C8702P904169 - X Denver 1.0

Porter - X Denver
Denver, CO

C8702P904171 - X Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ

C8761P100022 - Aspen Heights Fayetteville

C8762P000117 - University Courtyard

C8784P904384 - Relato

Leasing Consultant - Relato
Bloomington, IN

271 - Houston MF Division

C0005P003693 - Mila

Leasing Consultant - Mila
San Antonio, TX

C0005P003694 - Boston Woods

Make Ready - Boston Woods
San Antonio, TX

C0006P000132 - Holden Green Townhomes and Garden Homes

C0013P000263 - Country Club Manor

C0019P000203 - Diamond Hill at Westheimer

C0019P000204 - Providence at Memorial

C0237P002339 - Coventry Park

C0237P002345 - Dover Point

C1010P000147 - Citizen Park

C1088P005540 - Lakeview

C1099P000065 - 506 South

C1099P000267 - Lakewood

C1103P904033 - City Park in the Heights

C1103P904071 - Paramount at Kingwood

C1105P000097 - Waterford Grove

C1131P000247 - Tiburon

Housekeeper - Tiburon
Houston, TX

C1154P904044 - The Selena

C1212P000068 - Lakeshore at East Mil

C1223P904052 - The Parker

Porter - The Parker
Austin, TX
Porter - The Parker
Austin, TX

C1225P000292 - Century Plaza

C1234P000089 - Timber Ridge

C1292P000283 - Penwell (The)

C1325P904105 - Oakland Hills

C1332P904027 - Mia LXMI Westchase West

C1336P000275 - Grand 1501 - PO

C1336P000286 - Ivy (The) - (PKA The Grand 1501 BW)

Make Ready - The Ivy
College Station, TX

C1347P000246 - Cornerstone at Overlook

C1417P904072 - Grove Victoria (The)

C1417P904407 - Skyview

C1493P000057 - Buena Villa

C1543P000259 - Timbergrove Heights

C8500P870177 - Mirage on University

C8500P904185 - Mirage on Kernan

Porter - Mirage on Kernan
Jacksonville, FL

C8638P904056 - Edison, The

C8645P904118 - Forest Park

C8648P904022 - LOCAL Boise

C8658P904042 - Carriage Place

C8659P506589 - Bridges of Cypress Creek

C8661P904091 - Sutton

C8662P904102 - 500 Flats

C8677P000213 - McCallum Communities

C8678P000104 - Stonegrove Fall Creek

C8678P904107 - Vargos on the Lake

C8679P904381 - Envue Square

Porter - Envue Square
Houston, TX

C8687P002347 - Archstone

C8687P002349 - Sherwood Park

C8687P904158 - Icon Apartments

C8697P904176 - Park at Spring Creek

C8706P904160 - Reserve at Westwood

C8706P904166 - Redford, The

C8711P904391 - 301 Greenville

C8720P003676 - Katy Legacy

C8798P000200 - Aurora Flats

C8807P000251 - Palm Trace Homes

C8808P000225 - Bay House

272 - Corporate

College Station, TX
Phoenix, AZ
Denver, CO
Atlanta, GA
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Addison, TX
Accounts Payable
Denver, CO
Assistant Controller
Houston, TX
Compliance Specialist
Midland, TX
Compliance Specialist
Abilene, TX
Compliance Specialist
Lubbock, TX
Director of Security
Houston, TX
Junior Accountant
Dallas, TX
Junior Accountant
Houston, TX
Junior Accountant
College Station, TX
Junior Accountant
Phoenix, AZ
Marketing Director
Denver, CO
Operations Specialist
Atlanta, GA
Regional Supervisor
Atlanta, GA
Regional Supervisor
Fort Worth, TX
Regional Supervisor
Houston, TX
Regional Supervisor
Denver, CO
Regional Supervisor
Dallas, TX
Regional Supervisor
Birmingham, AL
Senior Accountant
Phoenix, AZ
Senior Accountant
Dallas, TX
Senior Accountant
College Station, TX
Senior Accountant
Houston, TX

282 - Phoenix MF Division

C1009P006291 - Willcox Townhomes

C1096P006558 - Tesoro on Spain

C1257P006465 - La Costa at Dobson Ranch

C1304P006523 - Lumina on 19th

C1360P000248 - Montana on Butler

C1402P006430 - Vela at Town Lake

C1402P006469 - Vela Camelback

C1453P006556 - Sunrise on 35th

C1456P006528 - Indigo Springs

C1473P006521 - Junction at Ironhorse

C1511P006206 - Morgan Park

C8636P002341 - Residences of Central Phoenix

C8636P002361 - Paradise Palms

C8647P000123 - Pennytree

C8647P002343 - Omnia Baseline

C8647P904023 - Avenue 19

294 - Dallas MF Division

C0000P900127 - Estrada South I

C0232P002344 - Legacy at Crowley

C0245P904405 - Foxcroft Apartments

Housekeeper - Foxcroft
Oklahoma City, OK

C0249P000288 - Parkside Place

C1006P850021 - Heritage Estates at Wells Branch

C1011P000035 - Babcock North

C1011P850074 - Meadows at Bentley Drive (The)

C1011P850179 - Woodland Ridge

C1011P900157 - Cypress Cove

Make Ready- Cypress Cove
San Antonio, TX

C1092P850002 - Galbraith (The)

C1164P000088 - Fish Pond at Huntsville

C1164P900124 - Fish Pond at Portland

C1177P000085 - Estates at Shiloh

C1195P850015 - Guadalupe Villas Seniors

C1237P850027 - Hills at Leander Apartments

C1237P850053 - Legacy Ranch At Dessau East

C1241P900112 - Country Lane Seniors - McKinney

C1256P850006 - Golden Acres Retirement Center

C1269P850087 - Paddock on Park Row

C1279P000028 - Avanti East

C1290P850040 - Hutchins Gateway Apartments

C1296P850082 - Navigation Pointe

Porter - Navigation Pointe
Corpus Christi, TX

C1296P850138 - Stablewood Farms

Make Ready - Stablewood
San Antonio, TX

C1299P850032 - Huntington at Missouri City

C1299P850034 - Huntington at Sienna

C1299P850078 - Miramonte

C1299P850999 - Allegre Point

C1299P904036 - Huntington at Richmond

C1307P850018 - Hacienda San Miguel

C1322P850115 - Reserve at San Marcos

C1326P904106 - La Grange Springs

C1330P900104 - Cedar Park

C1368P850049 - Lakeline

C1414P850029 - Hudson Apartments (The)

C1440P850073 - McMullen Square

C1461P850121 - Riverside Village

C1461P850140 - Stone Hearst Apts

C1463P850170 - Villas on Raiford

C1464P000082 - Enclave at Buckhorn Crossing

C1465P855999 - LULAC Village Park

Porter - LULAC Village Park
Corpus Christi, TX

C1481P904116 - Brenham Trails

C8614P000122 - Riverview Apartments

C8643P002761 - Vera in Odessa

C8669P904066 - Cantibury Pointe

C8673P904070 - Liberty Arms - Tyler

C8705P904162 - Howell Place

336 - Dallas West MF Division

C1008P007003 - Bel Aire

C1067P007130 - Village Creek

C1152P007114 - 4060 Preferred Place

C1242P007215 - Augusta North

C1291P007170 - Villa Del Rio

C1291P007185 - Southwind

C1354P000221 - Luna Apartments

C1354P000250 - Riviera Apartments

C1354P007194 - Pacifica

C1358P007005 - Avila

Make Ready-Avila
Waco, TX

C1432P007008 - Montecito Club

C8665P904061 - Estrella at Kiest Apartments

C8703P007156 - Monterrey

C8803P000241 - Residences on Lamar

C8803P000242 - Current at the Grid

C8803P000243 - AMP at the Grid

343 - Atlanta MF Division

C0018P000702 - French Quarter Apartments

C0023P000216 - The Palms Apartments

C0033P000273 - Dunes Apartments (The)

C0240P002334 - Solamar Apartments

C0500P208000 - 50 Paramount

Porter - 50 Paramount
Sarasota, FL

C1103P904124 - 1 Park Central

C1226P149000 - Seasons at Umstead, The

C2000P199000 - Countrywood

C2400P047000 - Clairmont Reserve

C2600P098000 - Cameron Estates

Porter - Cameron Estates
West Palm Beach, FL

C6000P187000 - Brookchester 3-6-10

C6000P531000 - Glenwood I

C6000P708000 - Azalea Village

C6200P253000 - Reed at Encore, The

C6200P606000 - Tempo at Encore, The

C7300P904029 - Integra Palms

C7500P000709 - Park at Hoover - Centennial I

Porter - Hoover, AL
Birmingham, AL

C7500P165000 - Canterbury Square

C7500P312000 - Village Green

C7500P322000 - Hague Tower

Porter - Hague Towers
Norfolk, VA

C7500P38100 - Silver Lake

Porter - Staten Island, NY
Staten Island, NY

C7500P899000 - Southwind at Silverlake

C7700P674000 - Metro 510

C7700P812000 - Viridian, The

C8639P904019 - Oaks at Stone Fountain

C8651P904028 - Luma at Delray

364 - Denver MF Division

C1094P001018 - Palmer Park

C1522P001999 - Avantus

C1523P003300 - Gateway Place I

C1528P002600 - Mosaic

C1530P003001 - Avilla Eastlake

C1530P003002 - Avilla Buffalo Run

C1531P006500 - Parker Hilltop I

C1532P008200 - Regency RidgeGate

C1536P001100 - Estrella

C1536P008232 - Retreat at Water's Edge

C1538P008263 - St Mark Village

C1539P008405 - Velo

C1540P006810 - Point 21

C1540P008272 - Vega

C1541P001040 - Broadway Lofts

C8615P003950 - Heatherway

C8617P004900 - Legend Flats

C8625P008276 - Toscana

Community Manager - Toscana
Westminster, CO

C8654P008240 - Vistas at Plum Creek

C8683P904382 - Sequel

406 - Arkansas MF Division

C0262P503945 - Walnut Creek

C0277P003649 - Watercolors of Centerton

C0317P003317 - Addison Place Apartments

C0321P003623 - Thirty Five Fifteen Apartments

C0331P003615 - Lux Seaside II, The

C0337P000140 - Gaslite Apartments

C0337P003586 - Stadium Square

C0337P003625 - Tiger Plaza

C0348P003564 - Rosewood Apartments

C0353P003360 - Aspen Villa

C0357P003605 - Downtowner, The

C0361P003591 - Stonegate Apartments

Make Ready - Stonegate
Lafayette, LA

C0407P003577 - Southbrook Apartments

C0409P003557 - Restoration on Candlewood

C0414P003683 - Shirkmere, The

C0416P003681 - Havens at Windermere

C0418P000133 - Alora II (The)

Make Ready - Alora II
Oklahoma City, OK

Canceled Properties

Make Ready Template
Houston, TX
Porter - 940 North
Spokane, WA