Inspired by Stanford research, Arist helps leading companies deliver learning, training, and nudges in the flow of work via Teams, Slack, and text message-based courses. Used by over 15% of the Fortune 500, Arist is a pioneer in meeting learners where they are.

Message-based courses consist of 1,200-character concept or case study "blocks" texted to the user every morning over the course of 5-30 days. Each block can include images, GIFs, and assessments. By utilizing cutting-edge research from Stanford and UPenn, message-based courses have completion and satisfaction rates of over 90% (vs. ~5% for video courses). In fact, we view message-based courses as a brand-new content medium, with a variety of impactful use cases ranging from preventing misinformation to COVID-19 training in refugee camps to DEI training for startups.

Arist is backed by Y Combinator, Craft Ventures, and a number of leading learning executives.

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