🤳 Arist is the first message-based learning solution. We help leading organizations deliver learning to employees in the flow of work. 

Inspired by our founder's work with students from war-torn Yemen and trusted by dozens of leading companies, Arist is pioneering the use of short-form messages that meet learners where they are as a more accessible and effective form of digital learning and training.

Backed by Y Combinator, Craft Ventures, PeakSpan, Acadian Ventures, and the top Learning Executives, Arist is now used by 10% of the F500, helping customers create, deploy, and assess delivered all via SMS, WhatsApp, Slack and Teams. Over 95% of learners open a message within 3 minutes, leading to adoption rates and learning outcomes several times greater than any other digital learning tool.

🎯 Arist is the go-to solution for effectively delivering and measuring learning at scale. We revolutionize the way people learn by delivering the right learning at the right place and right time.


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