Pronunciation: a:rine [uh-reen]. Noun: Arine is a name of Basque origin meaning "light." Arine illuminates the possibilities with medication management to deliver comprehensive economic and health outcomes. 

Based in San Francisco, Arine is a rapidly growing healthcare technology and clinical services company with a mission to ensure individuals receive the safest and most effective treatments for their unique and evolving healthcare needs. 

Frequently, medications cause more harm than good. Incorrect drugs and doses costs the US healthcare system over $528 billion in waste, avoidable harm, and hospitalizations each year. Arine is redefining what excellent healthcare looks like by solving these issues through our software platform (SaaS). We combine cutting edge data science, machine learning, AI, and deep clinical expertise to introduce a patient-centric view to medication management, and develop and deliver personalized care plans on a massive scale for patients and their care teams.

Arine is committed to improving the lives and health of complex patients that have an outsized impact on healthcare costs and have traditionally been difficult to identify and address. These patients face numerous challenges including complicated prescribing issues across multiple medications and providers, medication challenges with many chronic diseases, and patient issues with access to care. Backed by leading healthcare investors and collaborating with top healthcare organizations and providers, we deliver recommendations and facilitate clinical interventions that lead to significant, measurable health improvements for patients and cost savings for customers. 

Current Job Openings


Clinical Pharmacist
Remote (United States of America)
Clinical Support Specialist
Remote (United States of America)


Backend Software Engineer (Python)
San Francisco or Remote
Director of Platform
San Francisco or Remote
Director of Product Engineering
San Francisco or Remote
Full Stack Engineering Team Lead
San Francisco or Remote
Full Stack Software Engineer
San Francisco or Remote

Finance & Accounting

Payroll/GL Accountant
San Francisco or Remote


Sales Enablement/Operations Director
San Francisco or Remote


Senior Product Manager
San Francisco