Who we are: 

Archer is an aerospace company building an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft focused on improving mobility in cities. The company's mission is to advance the benefits of sustainable air mobility. Archer is designing, manufacturing, and operating a fully electric aircraft that can carry four passengers for 60 miles at speeds of up to 150mph while producing minimal noise. Archer's team is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What you’ll do:

  • Support aircraft aerodynamic design through all phases of the project, from conceptual design to flight test activities
  • Perform aerodynamic simulations of the vehicle using low-, mid- and high- fidelity tools
  • Design and optimize vehicle components to minimize drag and improve performance
  • Develop aerodynamic databases for use in 6 degrees of freedom simulation models
  • Assess aircraft performance throughout the flight envelope
  • Contribute to the development of the Archer in-house MDO tool

What you need:

  • 5+ years of development experience with BS, or 3+ years of experience with MS, or 0-2 years of experience with PhD 
  • BS / MS / PhD in Aeronautics Engineering or related field
  • Strong understanding of fixed-wing and rotorcraft aerodynamics
  • Experience with surface parametrization and aerodynamic shape optimization
  • Experience with gradient-based and gradient-free optimization techniques
  • Experience with 3D CAD modeling (Solidworks, CATIA, ANSA)
  • Familiar with XFoil, AVL, XRotor or similar low-fidelity aero tools
  • Familiar with panel codes, free wake, and particle wake solvers
  • Experience in coding in Python 3, Matlab, Fortran
  • Strong technical, written, and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work in groups and individually
  • Experience in a fast-paced design environment

Bonus Qualifications: 

  • Experience with experimental aerodynamics, wind tunnel measurements
  • Experience with CFD codes (URANS, turbulence modeling, DES) and overset grids
  • Familiar with NASA Overflow and Fun3D CFD software
  • Experience with surface and 3D volume meshing (NASA Chimera Grid tool and AFLR)
  • Familiar with rotorcraft aeromechanics simulation software
  • Familiar with MDO tools (SUAVE, OpenMDAO, etc.)

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