Who Is AppSumo

AppSumo was started in 2011 by serial online entrepreneur Noah Kagan. The idea was simple: the tools you need to run your business shouldn’t put you out of business. Today, the AppSumo team has grown and includes some of the best talent from Facebook, Microsoft, and Bloomberg (to name a few). 

Our mission, however, remains the same. To date, we’ve partnered with over 1,000 startups to bring our community the absolute best deals on software. We’ve partnered with companies like MailChimp, Evernote, and Dropbox — startups that have gone on to become household names in software.

With hundreds of successful product launches and over a million entrepreneurs served, we’re looking to take AppSumo to the next level. 

That’s where you, the Site Reliability Engineer comes in.


About This Role

Fundamentally, this role is a blend of site reliability, devops, and architecture — you’ll be responsible for developing automated solutions for operational aspects of our website. This would include things like on-call monitoring, performance and capacity planning, and continuous delivery of our products. 

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about scalability and reliability, excited about optimization, and skilled at debugging complex problems. Someone who, if given the option, would take a task and run with it, rather than being handheld throughout the process.

A day in the life would be spent splitting time between operations duties and developing systems that help increase site reliability and performance. The primary focus of this role would be fixing support escalation issues, building software to assist the operations, engineering, and support teams, as well as optimize our site. 

The Site Reliability Engineer will collaborate closely with product developers to ensure that the designed solution responds to non-functional requirements such as availability, performance, security, and maintainability. This role will orchestrate policy, patches, and management of our site and products while also proactively monitoring these environments to preventatively detect potential issues within the infrastructure.

In the first six months of this position, success means building self-service tools for our user groups and internal teams. The main goal of the Site Reliability Engineer is to ensure that the software delivery pipeline is as efficient as possible.

The Site Reliability Engineer will leverage automation tools such as Puppet or Chef. We recently rebuilt our platform with an updated tech stack that includes Python, Javascript, Node, AWS, Docker, Linux, and ElasticSearch. We run continuous integration and deployment using Atlassian Tools (Jira and Confluence), redis, celery, nginx, Postgresql, and git.

Our ideal candidate has 5+ years of software engineering experience and 2+ years of site reliability experience. Change management, agile development, and testing are critical skills for this role. Expertise in ecommerce or SaaS is a plus.


Pay & Benefits

We provide a competitive compensation package. In addition, we offer paid lunches every day, a stocked fridge, any snacks you want, and two all-expenses paid company trips with the team. (You can check them out here.) You’ll be equipped with a brand-new computer, monitor, standing desk and any other gear you need to feel productive. Not to mention, we also have in-office massages weekly. Oh, and you can bring your dog to work. We love your dog :)

At AppSumo, we don’t believe in benchwarmers or clockwatchers: we treat all of our teammates like adults and trust that when you have something to do, you’ll get it done. If you need to run an errand, hit the gym, or meet a friend for lunch you’re encouraged to do so. You can work from home as often as you need to, and you’ll have unlimited vacation days to go on adventures. (Everyone says it, but we mean it: Take as much time as you want.)

We’re committed to creating a diverse, supportive, and collaborative working environment - every person we bring onto the team helps cultivate a culture that we’re proud of.

Feeling up to the task? Let’s do this :)

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