Who Is AppSumo

AppSumo was started in 2011 by serial online entrepreneur Noah Kagan. The idea was simple: the tools you need to run your business shouldn’t put you out of business. Today, the AppSumo team has grown and includes some of the best talent from Facebook, Microsoft, and Bloomberg (to name a few). 

Our mission, however, remains the same. To date, we’ve partnered with over 1,000 startups to bring our community the absolute best deals on software. We’ve partnered with companies like MailChimp, Evernote, and Dropbox — startups that have gone on to become household names in software.

With hundreds of successful product launches and over a million entrepreneurs served, we’ve learned not to take our unique brand voice for granted. That’s why we’re looking for someone to come in and take lead of writing our deal launch copy — copy that will reach millions of entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Unlike any other copywriting role, you will get to learn and write about brand new products and your words will fuel the growth of the companies we partner with. You’ll tag team with our marketing team, our incredible partners, and key stakeholders to create copy that can describe the technical aspects of products in a simple, yet engaging way. 

About This Role

This job is about writing killer copy for our new product launches. If you love to write and talk about innovation, then this role is for you. 

You’ll be working alongside our content and marketing leadership and will be involved in key projects that propel our business forward. On the day to day, you’ll be creatively working on ways to educate, persuade and inspire our audience. 

In the first three months of this role, success means writing content that will describe and promote the partners that we launch every month. While we follow a formula for our copy, you will have full control over what you write about and how you evolve our brand voice to appeal to our audience.

This is a unique role that requires organization, attention to detail, creativity, time management, and strong written communication. Our ideal candidate has 3+ years in writing marketing copy. Experience writing copy that is specifically geared towards product launches is preferred.

Pay & Benefits

We provide a competitive compensation package. In addition, we offer paid lunches every day, a stocked fridge, any snacks you want, and two all-expenses paid company trips with the team. (You can check them out here.) You’ll be equipped with a brand-new computer, monitor, standing desk and any other gear you need to feel productive. Not to mention, we also have in-office massages weekly. Oh, and you can bring your dog to work. We love your dog :)

At AppSumo, we don’t believe in benchwarmers or clockwatchers: we treat all of our teammates like adults and trust that when you have something to do, you’ll get it done. If you need to run an errand, hit the gym, or meet a friend for lunch you’re encouraged to do so. You can work from home as often as you need to, and you’ll have unlimited vacation days to go on adventures. (Everyone says it, but we mean it: Take as much time as you want.)

We’re committed to creating a diverse, supportive, and collaborative working environment - every person we bring to the team helps cultivate a culture that we’re proud of.

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