Electronic Transaction Clearing, Inc. ("ETC"), a custodian and clearing provider, now Apex Pro. Delivers an innovative, technology-driven approach to serving the institutional and professional trading marketplace.

Apex Pro’s institutional orientation will expand it’s footprint in custody and clearing and is a direct complement to one of its core businesses, Apex Clearing, which is primarily focused on the retail marketplace. Apex Pro’s alignment with Apex Clearing, allows the two firms a shared mission to improve foundational financial processes with technology, and position both organizations as alternatives to traditional custodians through the delivery of flexible, customizable, digital solutions that facilitate speed and innovation.

We’re looking for someone who will:

As General Manager report into the head of Relationship Mgmt at Apex, the GM of ApexPro is responsible for defining, implementing, and leading the ApexPro Sales, Relationship Management and Product efforts.  This individual directly interacts with key business owners within Apex to build a growth focused business and structure that can scale efficiently.   This is a strategic role, this individual is not only responsible for creation of the plan but defining the metrics and assessing the performance of the business unit vs plan.  The leader must strategically build effective programs and requirements that support the high-level goals of the broader business and shape the current business to a desired and predefined path.  They must be effective at driving results-oriented processes and have a high degree of self-motivation.

A few reasons why you might love us:

  • We’re a leader in the space. Apex is recognized for disrupting the financial services industry, enabling fintech standouts like Stash, Robinhood and Betterment. We’ve got an amazing track record of success and we foster ongoing innovation. So you get all the benefits of a proven, growing company, while enjoying a very entrepreneurial culture
  • We see tech differently.You’ll work with people who are leaders in the tech industry. We are passionate engineers dedicated to finding new and different ways to use technology to solve our customers problems.
  • Your work will have immediate impact.You’ll be able to see your direct impact on our tech department and with our clients.

And a few reasons why you may not like working for us:

  • You don’t like change. This is not a job for someone who likes “predictable.” The job is based on the unknown which inevitably means change. If you like to know what you’re going to do every day, you may not like working on this team. You have to go with the flow here.
  • You’re not the collaborative type. We work together to ensure the best possible solutions for our customers. We think two brains are better than one so we do most of our work together. Team work makes the dream work on this team.
  • You’re a tech snob. We deal with all technology – Linux and Windows; .NET and Java; SQL and noSQL (mongoDB); RabbitMQ and other open source tools and libraries. We love technology and want to work with all of it. If you’re wed to a particular shop, you may not like working for us. 

Key Responsibilities / Duties:

  • Developing, setting and implementing effective sales goals for the ApexPro team.
  • Helping sales win key strategic relationships.
  • Shaping the current offering to a more attractive product driven architecture.
  • Monitoring effectiveness and confirmation of the Relationship team and customer onboarding.
  • Working with our execution team to formally define an effective execution offering for this segment.
  • Building the team ensure effective expansion within this unit.
  • Series 7, 63 and 24 licenses 

Work Experience / Knowledge:

  • 10+years of professional working experience in the institutional space.
  • Clearing or operations experience in the Institutional space.
  • Must have exposure to sales as either a leader or independent sales person within Institutional Financial Services. (Trading, Custody/Prime Brokerage, Clearing platform etc.)
  • Must have excellent relationship skills and in-depth product knowledge of the Institutional Brokerage Segment.





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