If you woke up tomorrow and decided to start a company, how would you do it? Where would you begin? The reality is that most founders start companies alone, spending the first few months in a metaphorical (or, oftentimes, literal) garage figuring out how to get off the ground and turn their ideas into investable businesses.

At Antler, we're changing that. Our team shares a deep conviction that entrepreneurship is the career path of the future and we believe that every hungry, driven person who wants to build a startup should be able to do exactly that. After working for years in venture backed companies and seeing our exceptional friends and colleagues struggle to find early support for their own new ventures, we decided to build a better on ramp to venture capital. Our mission is to provide founders with a structured and transparent process to successfully launch a new venture, a community for support throughout the experience, and a clear pathway to venture funding.

Antler's 2022 in-person cohorts will launch on March 7th in both Austin and New York City. After nearly two full years of working with founders remotely, we are thrilled to officially head back into the office. Please note: we will work exclusively in person in 2022.Here is an overview of what you can expect during your time at Antler:

Phase 1 (March 7 - April 15): In Phase 1, founders will have 6 weeks to develop an idea and plan of action. There's no coursework here: your entire focus will be on turning your ideas into investable businesses. The Antler team will provide guidance and coaching as you work to identify areas of opportunity, iterate on your ideas, conduct customer discovery and research, beta test as quickly as possible, and build your product roadmap and GTM strategy. During this time, we'll also host weekly town hall meetings, social sessions, office hours, and speaker series with industry experts and Antler advisors.

Most importantly you'll be surrounded by 30 hand selected founders to work beside, brainstorming ideas, testing assumptions, sharing expertise and building close bonds.

Pitch Week (April 18 - April 22): Founders have the opportunity to pitch Antler's Investment Team for 200k SAFE with a $2m post-cap money valuation with $50k program fee.

Phase 2 (April 22 - May 27): From here on, it's an all out sprint on execution. You'll work with your dedicated Antler coach to build a clear plan, setting key objectives and KPIs that you and your team will need to hit to ensure your business finds product market fit and continues scaling. You'll keep iterating on your business model, build your MVP, create a hiring plan, devise a killer GTM strategy, and map out plans for your seed fundraise alongside our team.

We're looking for passionate, driven founders who are at the beginning of their journey. Maybe you've just started building, but haven't yet raised capital. Or maybe you've got an idea and are thinking about getting started, but haven't quite yet made the leap. Either way, if you're in the earliest days of launching a startup, Antler is the right place for you build a great technology company. Now the question really is: how much can you build in 6 weeks?


  • A place to build your next company that provides structure and a force function to execute and accomplish as much as possible over a 6 week period.
  • Exceptional advisors providing mentorship, coaching & support to help execute your vision.
  • The opportunity to pitch Antler's Investment Team for 200k SAFE with a $2m post-cap money valuation with $50k program fee.


  • Commitment to working on your startup full time.
  • Prior startup founder or experience working in a leadership role
  • Hands-on, solutions-oriented self-starters; able to thrive in ambiguous environments and think innovatively
  • Interested in driving change, adoption, and scaling a business from scratch
  • Ability lead, connect, fundraise, and deliver a product to market
  • Passionate about using technology to address an identified problem
  • Grit, integrity, determination, commitment, humility, and resilience
  • At the moment, we can only work with founders who are US citizens or US greencard holders


Antler provides ongoing support for our portfolio companies as they grow and scale in the following ways:

  1. Monthly Check Ins: You will have a monthly call with your coach to discuss and track KPIs and goals, brainstorm ideas, solve problems, and ask for any support you need. Your coach will be your dedicated guide to take full advantage of Antler's platform.
  2. Office Hours: You will have access to the calendars of our full team to book as you need for specific sessions on any topic you feel you need a little extra help. We have team members with many years of real world experience in product, marketing, operations, finance, growth and many other topics.
  3. Marketing & PR: Our marketing and PR team will be available to help share and boost great news about your company through our global distribution channels, including fundraising announcements, big milestones and positive media coverage.
  4. Recruitment & Hiring: You will have access to our global job portal, where you can post new positions online. You will also have access to our incoming cohorts, full of exceptional talent to recruit from. We are always happy when new cohort founders decide to join one of our portfolio companies!
  5. Fundraising: For companies that are meeting and exceeding their first year goals and KPIs set in Phase 2, Antler provides dedicated support to raising your next round, including additional investment from us, building and refining your materials, tracking and organizing your process and providing warm intros to downstream funds we work closely with.
  6. Discounts from Vendors: We work hard to build relationship with vendors like Google, AWS, Stripe and hundreds more to provide our teams with credits, discounts and support for the tools you will use to build you company.
  7. Community: Once an Antler founders, always an Antler founder. All of our founders will have ongoing access to our growing community of entrepreneurs around the world.

Come build with us.


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