About Us:

Anki is a leading consumer robotics company, founded by three Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute graduates. We’re building on decades of scientific research to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone. We are dedicated to creating unique consumer products that people would not expect to be possible, powered by robotics and AI.

We deliver accessible consumer robots at high-scale, along the way solving incredibly hard, real-world robotics problems while building a great consumer brand and company. Our products perform under a wide variety of real-world conditions in people's homes, every day, reliably and consistently and aim to represent the premium and most capable choice in the categories they are in.

We push the boundaries of expectations for what an affordable and accessible consumer robot can do today and we’re leveraging our presence in more than nearly two million households to build a software, hardware and cloud technology stack that will power a wide variety of even more capable consumer robots in the near future.  Our earlier products in entertainment (Overdrive and Cozmo) have been near the top of their categories for years, and Anki is now branding out into Home Robotics with continued development to push the boundaries on the smart home and into diverse related sectors.

Recently, Anki launched Vector, the company’s first fully autonomous, always-on home robot with a rich personality that is also a helpful companion. Being cloud-connected and packing an impressive amount of tech in a small form, Vector (The Good Robot) is a living character and an evolving consumer robotics platform that will continually expand for years to come.

To date, we have closed more than $200M in investments from top-tier investors such as JP Morgan Chase. Last year, Anki generated nearly $100M in revenue.

We’re proud to be regarded as industry leaders in the consumer robotics & AI space. Some of our recent accolades include:

  • Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the “Robotics” Category (2015, 2016 & #2 in 2017)
  • CB Insight Artificial 100 List (2017 & 2018)
  • Robotics Business Review “RBR50” List 2017
  • San Francisco Business Times Tech & Innovation Awards 2017

Visit the Anki website and find us on Facebook and YouTube to learn more.


As a Computer Vision Intern, you have the ability to make robots actually see. You understand that a pile of pixels is a far cry from truly understanding the world. You also know that efficiently making sense out of an image and creating actionable information from it requires a certain kind of programming ability. And, you’d rather deploy your creations at scale in the real world than write a paper about a one-off proof of concept.

We’re looking for engineers who exhibit dual fluency in computer vision and software engineering, who can bridge the gap between the pixels and a robot reliably functioning in thousands of people’s real living rooms around the world. We want someone who thinks on their feet, is curious, creates tools or processes as needed to get the job done, and enjoys taking on a challenge.

As you know robotics is multidisciplinary by definition. Robotics mixed with the creative elements of animation and entertainment, produced at a consumer scale, is even more challenging. So, our ideal candidate is happy to work on a variety of problems, stepping up as needed to help and interact with people from all parts of the organization.

If you’re ready to use the full scope of your expertise, you’ve found the right company to push the boundaries of consumer robotics.


  • Maintaining and extending the capabilities of Anki’s vision platforms and how they interact with and inform the rest of the robotic system. Face and object recognition, visual navigation, obstacle avoidance, 3D structure recovery, illumination compensation, etc, may all land on your plate.
  • Working with an experienced team of robotics, AI, and software engineers
  • Working with designers, engineers, and testers to deliver the best user experience possible

Must-have Qualifications:

  • Experience and coursework in the field of computer vision
  • Completion -- or nearing completion of (Junior/Senior or equivalent) -- a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Robotics, EE or related field
  • Strong C++ skills
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced, iterative development environment
  • Ability to read and understand academic papers and turn them into production code
  • Comfortable diving into a large codebase that spans multiple devices and understanding it quickly
  • A willingness to ask questions early and often
  • Comfortable working in a fluid environment, ripping out or changing code as requirements and needs evolve
  • Excellent coding and testing habits. Our robots operate in the often unpredictable real world. You take pride in delivering clearly-written, reusable, and well-tested code in a timely fashion.

Desirable Qualifications

  • Hands-on, real-world experience with vision, robotics, and/or machine learning
  • Experience with Deep Learning (especially at the edge, or on mobile devices)
  • Experience with Matlab and/or OpenCV
  • Pursuing a graduate-level degree


  • Great San Francisco office with lots of light and great views, convenient to every mode of mass transit – on wheels, on rails, and on water
  • Regularly scheduled on and off-site team building activities
  • Start-up environment where you’ll help shape the culture and have a huge impact
  • Free catered lunches, snacks, and drinks
  • You get to work on innovative products and challenging problems with some amazingly talented (and fun) people!


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