About Andela

Marc Andreessen, co-founder of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz wrote: “software is eating the world.” That statement is just as true today as it was eight years ago.  Software is embedded in our day-to-day, and few industries are immune. Peek behind the code and you will find brilliant engineers pushing the boundaries of what is possible.  

Talk to any engineering leader and they will tell you that access to talent is their number one barrier to building software and growing their business.  Research the industry and you read about the 1 million computer-programming jobs that will go unfilled in 2020. 

That is where Andela comes in. We help engineering leaders at companies big and small bridge that gap. We are building tools, systems and processes to connect talent, no matter where they live, with the opportunities to do great things. To date, we have identified 1,000+ software engineers from Africa and placed them as full-time, embedded members of development teams at over 200 tech companies. Along the way, we have raised $180M from Al Gore’s venture fund, Generation Partners, Google Ventures, Spark Capital, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative and Serena Ventures. 

And we are just getting started.

Our People

All of our people live and breathe our E.P.I.C values:

  • Excellence: We are lifelong learners who strive for mastery of our craft
  • Passion: We believe we are going to change the world and act accordingly
  • Integrity: We choose extraordinary people and then trust them to do the right thing
  • Collaboration: We know our sum is greater than our parts

About the Role
The Senior Technical Recruiting Manager will join our Engineer Talent Supply team with the aim of leading a team that is attracting the finest global Senior Software Developers. The team member will work collaboratively to guide the team on how to source, vet and present offers to Engineers for a range of skill sets. Andela is growing our talent base and is currently looking to add hundreds of Engineers to our network to place engagements with Fortune 500 companies as well as cutting edge startups. The ideal candidate has the flexibility to join a fast-growing company with a mix of building an applicant pipeline as well as account-based recruiting. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manage a team of 8-12 recruiters that span the range of source new tech skill pipeline to hiring on account-specific requisitions 
  • Communicate in an upward fashion to directors, and leaders in the organization
  • Communicate in a cascading fashion to functional managers and individual contributors nested with functions 
  • Analyze Partner technical needs and translate into appropriate pre-requisite software development skills and levels for individual roles
  • Source potential candidates on niche platforms, like Stack Overflow, Github, Entelo, LinkedIn and additional tools that recruiter may want to leverage
  • Be able to craft individual strategies for Small-Medium business needs to larger Enterprise needs
  • Participate and be a thought leader in tech conferences, hackathons, and written pieces


  • Proven work experience as a People Manager for 3+ years; ideally with manager of manager experience.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Familiarity with Applicant Tracking Systems and resume databases
  • Solid understanding of HR practices and labor legislation
  • Bachelors or Advance degree in relevant fields
  • Ideally have had proven work experience as a Technical Recruiter in the past or as a Software Developer for 2+ years but not a requirement

This is a fully remote role

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