Digital assets are the future of finance, but this new financial system is still in its early days. The next step for crypto is institutional investment, which is currently bottlenecked by a cold storage security model that’s failing to meet the needs of institutional investors.

That’s why we’re building the first crypto-native custodian, bringing the best of security engineering to digital asset custody. By providing financial institutions with a new and safer means of safeguarding their investments, we are securing the foundation of the crypto financial system. 


At Anchorage, we believe that technical problems require technical solutions. With this in mind, our team brings together the brightest minds from security, finance, and distributed systems to help build the infrastructure of tomorrow’s economy. We're seeking to diversify our team with people who are humble, creative, and eager to learn.

Anchorage was founded by the security engineers who developed the original encrypted Square credit card reader, and is backed by such leading investors as Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, Affirm CEO Max Levchin, and AngelList Chairman Naval Ravikant.

Current Job Openings at Anchorage


Legal & Compliance

Blockchain Analyst
San Francisco
Compliance Associate
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Head of Compliance
San Francisco


Content Writer
San Francisco

Sales & Success

Account Executive (Client Experience)
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Business Development
San Francisco
Digital Asset Trader
San Francisco
Sales Engineer
San Francisco