Axiom Managed Solutions (AMS)

AMS is the leader in next-generation solutions for complex legal work at scale. Clients turn to AMS for real solutions to big problems, ranging from one-off regulatory projects to long-term managed services. AMS leverages modernized processes, smart resourcing constructs, and the best of legal technology to help clients overcome the limitations of the traditional in-house and law firm models. The company is comprised of more than 500 lawyers, legal specialists, technologists, and process consultants across Europe and North America.

Current Job Openings

Business Team

Associate, Business Excellence
Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom


Contracts Team

Contract Analysis

Contract Reviewer
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Contract Negotiation

Associate I - Contract Management (Multiple Roles)
Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
ISDA Negotiator
Raleigh, NC
Legal Intern
Wrocław, Dolnośląskie, Poland