AltPep Corporation

AltPep is a biomedical startup based along Seattle’s Lake Union focused on developing early disease-modifying treatments and detection tools for amyloid diseases by targeting one of the earliest molecular triggers – toxic soluble oligomers. These toxic oligomers are associated with many diseases, including neurodegenerative diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Decades of scientific research by the Daggett Research Group culminated in the discovery of a novel protein structure, alpha-sheet, the foundation of our innovative approach.

Our lead programs aim to identify Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease long before symptoms occur and then neutralize the toxic soluble oligomers associated with these diseases.

We are innovators

…working to transform the diagnosis and treatment of amyloid diseases, enabling action earlier than ever thought possible.  Making bold advances that will dramatically improve human health is our focus, everyday.

Be part of our team working on valuable and life changing research. AltPep prioritizes the physical and mental well being of team members, promoting a fun and supportive environment.


AltPep also celebrates the multi-cultural and multi-national background of our staff. We take pride in representing the growing diversity in the Pacific Northwest.


Current Job Openings


Scientist – Protein Biophysicist
Seattle, Washington, United States