Altana AI

Altana AI enables trusted commerce by providing the single source of truth on the global supply chain. Our AI platform connects and learns from billions of data points to help governments and the private sector build safe, resilient, and sustainable supply chains.

Positioned at the intersection of international relations, national security, sustainability, and global commerce, Altana is building a world-scale natural language processing and machine learning platform that serves as the single source of truth on the global supply chain. Similar to how Facebook built a social graph, and Google a knowledge graph of the internet, Altana is building the world's most comprehensive knowledge graph of global commerce, covering trillions of dollars of B2B commercial activity across 400 million companies worldwide. This knowledge graph powers Altana’s AI platform - the Altana Atlas - which is used by the world’s largest governments, enterprises, and logistics providers to manage cross-border commerce, map the sustainability profile of millions of products, target security threats, and build more resilient supply chains.

Our team is looking for talented technologists to deliver our vision to the world.

Current Job Openings

Business Development

Account Executive
Brooklyn, Remote

Core Engineering

Software Architect, Back End
Brooklyn, Remote
Software Engineer, Back End
Brooklyn, Remote
Technical Lead, Back End
Brooklyn, Remote

Data Science

Director of Machine Learning
Brooklyn, Remote
Financial Engineer
Brooklyn, Remote
Network Data Scientist
Brooklyn, Remote
Senior Data Scientist
Brooklyn, Remote


Product Designer
Brooklyn, Remote
Product Design Lead
Brooklyn, Remote

DevSec Operations

Senior DevSecOps Engineer (EMEA)
London, Remote (UK)
Site Reliability Engineer
Brooklyn, Remote

Front End Engineering

Human Resources

Recruiting Coordinator
Boston OR Brooklyn

Implementation Engineering


Legal Counsel
London, UK


Content Marketing Manager
Brooklyn, New York
Product Marketing Director
Brooklyn, New York

Program Management

Technical Program Manager
Brooklyn, Remote


Senior Research Analyst
Brooklyn, London, Remote (UK & US)


Federal Solutions Manager
Washington, DC
Solutions Architect
Brooklyn, Remote