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 About is a U.A.E based organization focusing on an AI framework capable of performing cognitive tasks via multimodal sensor inputs. We strive towards Artificial General Intelligence using learning paradigms such as Active Learning, Meta-Learning and Reinforcement Learning. We are committed to developing market leaders in industries we operate, and we continue to evolve our technology and business models to deliver value to our eco-system.

Position Description: 

We are looking for data scientists with strong healthcare background (preferably with a PhD and prior work experience) to improve care-delivery. A successful candidate would have deep passion to improve patient outcomes and enjoys deep diving into data to find opportunities for products.


  1. Data Analysis: 
  • Able to aggregate and analyze data from millions of patient encounters in order to gain new knowledge.
  • obtain feedback on the quality and efficiency of the care of those patients received. 
  1. Research and Design experiments – empirical or simulated – to establish proofs-of-concept on clinical data.
  2. Assess the effectiveness and accuracy of new data sources and data gathering techniques.
  3. Analyze healthcare trends: 
  • Understand drivers for health & wellness for both individuals and the health ecosystem at large. 
  • Use this understanding to help create predictive models projecting future healthcare conditions, outcomes and economics.
  1. Collaborates – Work seamlessly with stakeholders and teams in the development, testing and implementation of products.
  2. Visualizes Data – Creates publication-quality graphical and narrative representations of outcomes analysis performed.
  3. Presents insights to drive business decisions.


  • PhD/ Masters in Health/Medical informatics / Biostatistics / Bioinformatics
  • 3+ years of advanced data analysis experience and expertise in diverse statistical, data mining techniques and developing models using machine learning, deep learning, shallow learning etc., 
  • Knowledge/experience in the healthcare setting, especially experience working with EHR data and or healthcare data. 
  • Experience in building statistical models using Python, R or related software.
  • Strong problem-solving skills with an emphasis on product development. 
  • Ability to express complex analytical and technical information to senior management or to audiences with clinical training.
  • Certified HL7 RIM Specialist is preferred. 


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