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Curio Learn is a game-based learning solution powered by We are building a revolutionary learning experience with the aim that no kid in the world should lack foundational skills. As Curio Implementation Specialists, you will play a critical role in the success of our learning products and services by focusing on supporting teachers and students at schools. is an UAE-based organization focusing on AI frameworks capable of performing cognitive tasks via multimodal sensor inputs. We strive towards Artificial General Intelligence using learning paradigms such as Active Learning, Meta-Learning and Reinforcement Learning. We are committed to developing market-leading products and services in industries we operate, and we continue to evolve our technology and business models to deliver value to our ecosystem.

Position Description:

The Curio Implementation Specialist is responsible for the successful implementation of the Curio application within a cluster of schools, to be a brand evangelist, as well as a content and product expert. Serving as a subject matter expert in technical training and pedagogy, Curio Implementation Specialists facilitate regular training events, Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings with teachers, and other teacher supports to ensure teacher and learner success. Implementation Specialists should also have experience creating teacher resources such as intervention planning, training material and be comfortable presenting at teacher events as well as conferences. Success is measured by:

  1. The level of confidence and preparation teachers feel they have to use Curio as a supplementary learning tool and the degree to which these efforts affect learning and academic results by the students
  2. The level of confidence and preparedness students feel they have to use Curio as a supplementary learning tool that is not necessarily driven by teacher intervention.


  • Lead the implementation of Curio within a cluster and act as the main point of contact for the cluster.
  • Foster a collaborative culture of open communication, shared ideas and problem solving to enhance teachers’ experience using Curio and students’ experience learning through it 
  • Build strong relationships with school teachers, anticipating needs and providing ongoing support for the application of Curio as a supplementary learning tool
  • Support teacher training events such as Professional Learning Communities, teacher meetings, conferences, and other events 
  • Drive change management and adoption of new education strategies, content, and product features, maintaining a theme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) 
  • Support the review, planning and delivery of Curio content
  • Facilitate and support the collection and analysis of student and teacher data using a variety of tools to collect and analyze information (i.e.surveys, etc.) 
  • Collect, analyze, and report on data, giving written and verbal context to the information, enabling opportunities to enhance educational strategies, content and product features 
  • Analyze and regularly report insights, observations and ideas to enable innovative strategic planning and decision making for future education needs related to the school, classroom, teacher and students
  • Identify and report on use cases for Curio during the school day
  • Lead and oversee Curio activity labs and report on progress
  • Lead and oversee Curio competitions - intra and inter school
  • Work closely with the Content team and Product team to provide feedback from all stakeholders (i.e administration, teachers, students and parents).
  • Attend in-school events to promote Curio with stakeholders (i.e. parent meetings, taster days, exhibitions etc.)

    Key Performance Indicators 

  • Quality of overall customer service provided to relevant stakeholders

  • Teacher and students confidence and competence to adopt the Curio application effectively as a result of training, day to day support & PLC support 
  • Quality of teachers’ ability to interpret and act on data and system analytics 


  • Advanced degree related to Education in a core subject area (ex. Digital Education, English, Math, Science, or Arabic) 

    Processes & Practice

  • Strong knowledge and usage of educational technology tools in the classroom 


  • Minimum 3 years teaching experience in K-12 environment 
  • Previous experience leading PLCs is ideal 
  • At least 1 year leading teachers in development/instruction of curriculum 
  • Strong knowledge of instructional strategies, curriculum standards and assessments 
  • Experience implementing, using, and training on ed tech tools 
  • Advanced understanding of current emerging practices related to subject area (Arabic,English, Math, and Science) 
  •   Essential Skills 

  • Expertise in 21st Century Learning concepts and emerging pedagogies 
  • Change Agent; ability to work with senior school staff to communicate a clear vision of goals and targeted achievements; 
  • Relationship builder; ability to quickly establish credibility, influence and trust with other team members in order to better drive results 
  • Deadline oriented; ability to articulate priorities and revise plans to meet tight deadlines 
  • Bilingual (English / Arabic) preferred.


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