Akido is rebuilding the healthcare experience from the ground up. Through early interventions designed around social determinants of health (SDoH), world-class care focused on chronic disease, and human-centered technology, we believe we can build a healthcare model that allows for all patients to live their fullest lives. We are a fast-growing, impact-focused, Y Combinator company created out of the University of Southern California’s D-Health Lab with the idea that empowering government, healthcare, and nonprofit services with population-based data could help usher in a new era of preventive public health. Today we are building a full stack medical network that leverages our predictive capabilities to provide a frictionless experience for both our patients and care providers. 

We're building a dynamic, diverse and driven team of people who care deeply about our mission and are passionate about creating transformational change in healthcare. We tackle new challenges together while working hard to cultivate an environment where everyone can thrive. Our team is on the path to eclipsing several major milestones in the next year, and we're looking for new teammates to help us accelerate our progress and join us on this journey to rebuild the healthcare experience for all populations, including our most vulnerable communities. We look forward to meeting you!

Current Job Openings

There are no current openings.