About Airtime

Today, online means alone. We're changing that. We are charting the course for the next era of the Internet: live, shared experiences. We're building a new way to use the Internet—together.

That’s why we’re pioneering a new kind of social experience, one designed for togetherness.  At its core, Airtime is a social platform for doing whatever together. Gather with your people to explore the Internet: group video, listen to music, chat, watch stuff, send pictures, GIFs, and more.

Our company was founded a few years ago by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning and is backed by Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Founders Fund, and a host of other amazing partners.


Do you love working in a small team that is building a game changing product? Do you like working on an app that was just launched and is still in its infancy but is already turning heads and yet is barely scratching the surface? Perhaps you like to be on the journey to take the next big first of its kind social video app from its first few users to the first million or hundreds of millions of users? Or maybe you relish the challenge of being a crucial player in a product’s success or failure. If you answered yes to any of the above, may we suggest iOS@airtime?


The iOS Team at Airtime has one of the most fun and challenging projects in tech today. For one were a humble team of iOS snobs (Adam, Rodrigo, NickFernando and You) and obsess about all things iOS and believe in doing things the iOS way. We take immense pride in delivering an unparalleled high quality video and highly responsive and “live the moment” experience and push the limit of what you can do on a mobile device.

What kinds of things have we built so far??

  • What comes a close second to 3.00×10^8 m/s. Our ultra fast messaging infrastructure that leverages socket-io.
  • Build media integrations with a wide variety of sources such as Youtube, Spotify, Giphy just to name a few with more coming. Maybe you think integrating SoundCloud/Twitch/Netflix would be neat? Come on over and build it!
  • Developed an iOS library based on a fork of the open source WebRTC project for our real-time video stack. There are fewer companies than you can count with your hand that have even attempted to do what we do with WebRTC ;)     
  • We are so in love with UI design as does our in-house design genius, Vince, and constantly prototype and implement really slick animations, transitions and gestures.
  • Built a massively multithreaded application that does a zillion things while maintaining responsiveness and keeping things real and real-time.


  • Smiled, Chuckled or even ROFL’d at reading any of the above :)
  • Have a strong Objective-C/Swift background.
  • Loves profiling, optimizing for performance with the tools at your disposal or even finding the occasional memory leak. Hey we’re not perfect. Help us get closer!
  • While not necessary we consider it a big plus if you love the backend side of things too or have a secret crush on WebRTC.

Are you in?

Airtime Leadership

Sean Parker, Founder & Executive Chairman
Daniel Klaus, President
Thomas Purnell-Fisher, Chief Product Officer 
Sanidhya Khilnani, VP of Product
Prakash Ramakrishna, Vice President of Engineering, Airtime West
Jesse Rabek, Vice President of Application Engineering
Erik Martin, Vice President of Marketing
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