What You’ll Do

  • Join a small development team and help build the Airtime iOS app
  • Work with product managers, designers, the community team, and QA to come up with the best way to build and iterate on new features, then go build them.
  • Push the limits of media and custom UI on iOS.
  • Review, contribute, propose, argue, praise, refactor.  All part of maintaining and improving a code base that allows for quick experimentation while being stable.

Who You Are

  • Have built multiple iOS apps by yourself or as part of a team.  The Airtime app is a complex dance of video chat, multimedia, and real time updates.  You’ll need some experience under your belt.
  • A great engineer who is eager to learn. Comfortable in Objective-C, Swift, Instruments, Fastlane, Ruby, and whatever come next.  Technology changes.  You need to know how to learn and adapt.
  • Comfortable with, and better yet excited by, product exploration.  We are continually changing and improving our product to delight users.
  • Have a strong engineering mindset.  You don’t need an engineering degree just a provable track record of delivering well engineered products.
  • Works well with a team.  Not a cowgirl or cowboy.  Teams that encourage and foster debate in a healthy way provably deliver the best work.

Our Engineering Team

  • Focused on value add for the user.  That means we leverage third-party libraries and tools where it makes sense, but have also been committed to building key technology in-house that sets Airtime apart.  You can read more about it on our tech blog at Airtime Tech Blog. In short we’ve built a nodejs microservice based messaging backend, globally distributed WebRTC based media stack, Android+iOS mobile clients, and an unreleased desktop client.
  • Uses Git, JIRA, Jenkins, CircleCI, Crashlytics/Fabric, Carthage, Fastlane, and other tools to let us focus on building features that delight users rather than getting bogged down in operational hell.
  • Minimized meetings.  We are a distributed team, but besides our weekly 30 minute sprint planning and company all hands we only have meetings to discuss specific product or technical topics.  We coordinate on Airtime and on Slack.

What Happens Next?

  • If you like what you’ve seen and heard then apply!
  • After you apply we’ll reach out to discuss to make sure there is a good overall fit.
  • If there is a good overall fit, you’ll have a technical phone screen with an engineer.
  • If that goes well you’ll come on site and talk to around four team members where you’ll do some real world coding on a laptop (no whiteboard interviews since we don’t write real code on whiteboards), and tackle some architectural problems.  We want to know how you perform in a real engineering environment.
  • If everything goes well we will be back to you in a day or so with our answer and maybe an offer!

Are you in?

Airtime Leadership

Sean Parker, Founder & Executive Chairman
Daniel Klaus, President
Sanidhya Khilnani, VP of Product
Prakash Ramakrishna, VP of Media Engineering
Jesse Rabek, VP of Application Engineering
Dominic Gallello, VP of Marketing
Gui Seiz, VP of Product Design
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