At AirMap, we're helping make unmanned aircraft, or drones, a part of everyday life by building the airspace management systems of the future.  

The emergence of small, powerful, and autonomous drones, is transforming society.  Drones are being used for agriculture, public safety, aerial photography and cinematography, and soon, package delivery. The next century of aviation innovation is happening at the local level, not across oceans, and it's happening below 500 feet.  AirMap is building the infrastructure for this low altitude airspace so innovation can take flight.  

On December 17, 1903, when the Wright Brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk, NC, few could have imagined how our huge planet would soon be so intimately connected by airplanes.  Today, a new set of connections is developing in the low altitude airspace that has been all but ignored since the Wright Brothers' first flight.  

AirMap works collaboratively with industry partners to create the future for drones. We focus exclusively on providing accurate, reliable and trustworthy airspace information so that others in our nascent industry can build amazing vehicles and applications.  AirMap services are used by the world's leading drone manufacturers, including DJI and 3DRobotics. 

AirMap’s founders are Ben Marcus and Greg McNeal. Ben previously cofounded and was CEO of jetAVIVA, which grew into the world’s largest light jet sales company. Ben is a Santa Monica native and seasoned pilot and flight instructor. Greg is a nationally recognized legal scholar and an expert in drones and air rights. He is professor of law and public policy at Pepperdine, a contributor to Forbes, and has advised the White House and Congress on drones. AirMap’s advisors include Steve Crocker, Chairman of ICANN and Bill Ayer, former Chairman & CEO of Alaska Airlines.

AirMap is funded by leading venture capital firms General Catalyst Partners, Lux Capital, Social Capital, Bullpen Capital, Prtizker Group, and TenOneTen Ventures.

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