Brand & Marketing Strategist

Our team is seeking our first-time brand and marketing strategist that can lead our brand and marketing strategy at a company level. This role will touch all sides of the business, ranging from customer and fleet operations to growth and sales. At Airlift, we think about brand as the customer sentiment around our company. Our brand, therefore, is very closely tied to all sides of the business. The right candidate in this role will have an opportunity to lead our brand and marketing strategy in an autonomous and intensely challenging environment. The role will also pave the way for hyper-growth career advancement as the team scales with the hyper-growth of the company.

The function requires an autonomous player that can match business smarts with technical expertise to help accelerate our path on the marketing and brand strategy front.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Lead with a compelling core hypothesis that creates a tight alignment between brand values and business objectives
  • Spin up a performance marketing function with specific KPIs, goals, budgets and performance metrics by channel
  • Identify "low hanging fruit" for low-cost and high-impact opportunities to advance our brand image
  • Conquer our existing social media and direct marketing channels by coupling a thoughtful strategy with relentless execution
  • Build and deploy specific strategies for our direct and indirect marketing channels

A successful candidate will demonstrate a high drive for impact and will be eager to wear multiple hats, many of which will be unrelated to brand or marketing. The above description outlines the core focus of the role, and is by no means a comprehensive list of responsibilities.

The role will be based in our HQs in Lahore, Pakistan.

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