AgriSecure was founded by growers for growers to help ensure the viability of our customers’ farms by partnering to successfully scale organic crop production.  Our passion is to ensure today’s generation of farmers builds as strong profitable foundation for many future generations – the 5th generation for the 10th generation.

AgriSecure listened to growers concerns about their ability to successfully manage and benefit from organic production, including the investment required for a 3-year transition period, lack of knowledge & expert support for organic production techniques, the amount of onerous recordkeeping required to gain & maintain organic certification, and lack of access to information about opportunities to sell organic crops.

AgriSecure’s founders – who are 5th generation farmers that converted their farms to scaled organic production – each struggled with these exact challenges.  Over several years, they built the agronomic knowledge, processes & technology platform, and systems-based approach to prosper while others faltered. 

Our founders looked at the farm community and realized they had a responsibility to help more growers benefit from the organic program they had developed – and AgriSecure was born!

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